Funny Feeling

It’s funny. When you feel like writing something, you’re lost for words.

When you’re down flat on your back, you want to write something, but instead you prioritize your sleep. For me, sleep comes first because feeling sleepy is not something that comes by easily. (The usual is 2 days awake, 1 day sleep.)

Thanks to Dr. KJL, he gave me 10 insomniac tablets.  Time to correct my biological clock people.

ps: Sorry Ain for not helping your puncture tyre. Thankfully everything went well.

By NoktahHitam

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18 replies on “Funny Feeling”

are you finally reverting to a normal sleeping pattern? good for you then!

if I were to really venture into Psychiatry in the future, you are always welcome to knock on my door and ask for this tablet. but you have to promise to help me if somebody bullies me, deal? ^^

p/s : then again, some of these tablets can cause dependency, careful okes?

eddie, aku dah jumpa cara yang lebih selamat utk kes spt ko (erk mcm aku juga). semuanya berpunca dari kesan toksik dan peredaran darah dlm badan.

mazioka, elektrostatik. tidak menyakitkan tapi berkesan. dulu subuh pun aku belum tido dah terjadi 5 tahun.

skang ni jam 11 je dah ngantuk gila.

tapi ko kene try dow..jgn la minum sampai muak..beli la susu tepung bancuh sendiri..kasi suam2 jer..jadi la..mmg jadi pada aku dulu..skg ni malas nak beli nak bancuh..kah3..jadi aku jadi cam ko gak..kdg2 ok kdg2 biol balik..ahh..hampeh tol..

Aween, I’m trying to get a normal good night sleep. Have you watched Fight Club? Edward Norton hasn’t been sleeping for ages and he developed a new identity. Scary woot!

Well, kalau nak bagi, I’ll take it. I’ll make sure I don’t abuse it myself 😉

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