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From Blogging to Entrepreneurship

Most of the famous bloggers I know makes money, not just through selling links, SEO, campaign etc, but through products. This is good. If you could sell a story, you might as well sell something. Moreover, managing GMB accounts has never being easier if you use Local Viking software. So, you have enough time for another activities.

I’ve been stuck (actually lazy) with my ventures; ShazKebab, Laman7 and MaduAzim. I have a foot in at least in all these ventures, except for Laman7, which I do it full time.

After some time building ShazKebab, we decided to abandon it. To Aisyah, it was taking too much toll on the baby, plus she does not like food industry. To make matters worst, we had a very bad location which means the sales isn’t encouraging though we’ve plough every single marketing tactics we know. It’s too far from civilization. Of course from time to time, we had family visits, helpful friends, cousins, classmates, business partners, unfortunately it’s breaking even every month. We decided to let go to my cousin. The important lesson, start a restaurant at a place with people. It’s pricier, but worth it.

As for Laman7, well, I’m picking up my pace again. From a humble start of self taught to a half blown venture. The sad part is when we submit quotes, the leads doesn’t even bother returning our calls or mails. If we’re over priced, we can discount or find ways to settle for lower. I guess some people don’t even bother to negotiate. On the up side, we’re planning to host training classes, basics of this and that. Lesson learn, services is 100% profit but play nice and no over charging.

MaduAzim, my favorite venture. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of honey. Even if I do eat honey, I’d probably eat it with a bread of something, until I came across these honey from Yemen. They are awesome to say the least. For a 30 year old, my body has some serious mileage, I blame rugby for that. I have knee injury, shoulder, hemmorhoid, low immune system, short sighted, back pain, sprained wrist but somehow, these Yemeni honey starts to take it’s course. I’m slowly recovering from all these blows. It does sound like I’m pushing my product, but in all honesty, why sell something I don’t believe in? Lesson here is, have passion in what you sell, be brave to share, don’t be afraid to sell yourself.

All this isn’t possible without help from God. I learned that the hard way. Good luck friends!

ps: If you have a business, please share in the commenting area 🙂

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “From Blogging to Entrepreneurship”

perkara paling susah bagi aku… buat part time. walaupun perlu sgt cari duit lebih untuk keluarga, kerja utama membataskan pergerakan.

nasib baik kerja sambilan aku sebahagian dari hobi jadi dari semasa ke semasa ianya masih berjalan.cuma nak tekan pedal minyak kena sikit-sikit je dulu.

ada niat nak buat program bersepadu dgn Abg Man A.I kita tu tapi mengenangkan ilmu tak cukup… nantilah.

teringin nak rasa madu azim ko jual tu… nanti bila senang (duit lebih) aku order 😉

Dalam dunia ni, kalau perkara baik mmg susah. Contoh, berhenti rokok, susah gila. Atau cari rezeki.. beri kasih sayang, luangkan masa etc.

Ada satu fobia ni, fobia tidak percayakan diri. Chin up my friend, trust in your potential. Cari ilmu dan penuhkan dengan kawan-kawan yg sama mentaliti.

MaduAzim ni nanti2 pon ada je. InsyaAllah aku buat packaging lg sikit dalam masa terdekat so that boleh rasa. Amin!

madu azim tu boleh refer kat mane yer?

btw, skg ni SKMM ada bg geran GMBO jika ada reg SSM dan website, mau try apply at least geran RM1000 tu boleh buat modal bisnes kecil-kecilan macam saya.

design/web kalau bab submit quotes surely require additional networking. most of the time one already had their appointment company before submitting quotes, and quotes is just a thing to complete company process.

aku dah rasa kebab tu. not bad la.

tapi serius, masalahnya tempat tu memang tak ramai orang datang. mungkin leh serang tesco atau econsave yang mana memang ramai gila orang setiap hari.

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