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Friday The 13th and Laser Printer

It was a rainy Friday morning. Something cropped up and brought me down on my knees.

It wasn’t work, clients nor family matters, it’s something I rather keep to myself.

I went to office and wrote a big fat check to myself. Cashed it and found myself holding on to a few stacks of RM50 notes. Although you may find it alarming silly, it’s a customary for me, makes me feel like a drug lord.

“Let’s make this boy happy!”

I went for shopping therapy, but a geek like me would always end up at Lowyat. I got a rock bottom deal for a color laser printer. The original tag was RM1699, but I got it at RM599. Sweet deal except it weighs 36kg! Imagine carrying it alone! It almost ruptured my spleen.

While I was at it, I made a few stops at camera shops. I wanted a dSLR. But considering my tight schedule and how expensive the hobby is, I settled for a new webcam. Youtube posting? Maybe, but not now.

Despite the cash on me and excited over new gadgets, I realized something which is true all along, money can’t buy you happiness. Money can buy you a 36kg printer, which you don’t really know why you bought it in the first place.

I guess I’ll go back to being the bitter me.

ps: Will write about my paintball experience.

pss: Feels safe in my black-red-stripes.

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30 replies on “Friday The 13th and Laser Printer”

aigoo…and i thought i was the only feeling dreadful 2 3 hari ni.

cheer up, eddie! what ever that has been bothering you, im sure you’ll get over it 🙂

whoa! mann! that’s what i call an offer that came with a price…

hope it didn’t hurt your back though coz trust me, youre gonna be using it for a long, long time…heheh!


“support jambulism”

This is beyond music. I’ll mute what ever I listen to now. Too much to compute. Drive pon tak pasang radio. Maybe because I dont want to face the music.

I have to admit, the printer makes a excellent foot rest.

isnt there any trolly or whatsoever..?? i’m never been to lowyat before so i dont know.. imagine macam mana kalau pakcik2 yang beli printer tu..?? jangan ada kes meninggal beli printer sudah~~ haha..

em.. wait! The original price is RM1699… and you got it for RM599?!! Wow… nak satu… hehehe….

I do it every month actually. Withdraw lots of cash. Play around, and bank in to my other accounts 😀

Between desire and needs, is easy to distinguish. Just ask yourself, can you live without it? Once you answer that, it will seal the fate 🙂

Civil engineer, have you ever thought about center of gravity? A girl can curl up, easily shifting her weights. A printer, kalau tilt belakang sgt, sakit pinggang, worst, jatuh dgn printer.

ps: Darling carry and fireman carry is too easy. As long SHE doesnt exceed 70kg.

“Economical colour laser printer with duplex function for shared office use”

Economic ke kalau setiap satu toner tu RM300? Awat tak try Canon or HP? As far as I concerned, their toner are quite cheaper. They even have compatible for that. If not mistaken u could get around RM100 each.

Duplex function and network ready.. it’s good! :up:

Starter pack die could last 1000++ pages. Once I finish all the toner, I’ll probably buy a new laser printer. Actually depending on model, Samsung pon ade yg RM100 nye toner.

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