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Force IE6 Users To Update

Force IE6 Users To Update 1

I’ve been in love with web development ever since my ex wanted me to help her build a website for her coursework since the boom of Dot Com. Back then it was IE5 and IE5.5 was the latest of its kind.

Fast forward a few years, I fell for Firefox. Since then, I never looked back.

Presently, as a web developer, I am constantly forced to share my bed with IE6. Reason being, 10% of the world is using IE6. So, if let’s say, I get about 1000 hits per day, 100 people are using IE6. And if I completely ditch IE6, that 100 people will go elsewhere. But NH is blog, but what about e-commerce websites? 10% IS A LOT to chew.

Fortunately, the love-hate relationship will end pretty soon. Thanks to, all my future works will no longer be bound by the wicked IE6.

Help kill Internet Explorer 6

  • IE6 is like an illness that just won’t go away, but we have the medicine.
  • IE6 Update looks like IE’s Information Bar, but instead of offering your visitors an ActiveX plugin, it offers a browser update.

via IE6 Update.

It’s like parting ways with your ex. And you know it in your heart, she/he deserves a special place (no matter how disgruntle it can be).

ps: Plan to visit a friend at the hospital. Not too sure what to be excited at, friend survived crash or the docs. Maybe both.

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

7 replies on “Force IE6 Users To Update”

yeah. but I’m pretty sure most people or cyber cafe will prefer to use Firefox at the first place. No IE lately as it just for alternative browser.

ps: hope your friend well soon!

bercerita pasal browser apatah lagi IE6 dan sebelumnya buatkan aku putus asa untuk web dev.

blog aku skang ni pun tidak sesuai dgn IE6.

dan byk lagi template yang aku buat local tidak dapat di hack utk membolehkan cross browser!

boleh mintak pandangan atau tips?

ps – doakan rakan kau selamat dan selamat untuk kau berjumpa doktor yang diimpikah 😉

hmm. however, we still need to cater for government and some company who limiting to use of IE6 only, and those who doesn’t know that Google is not an internet browser. We need to focus on this people, because most of the time, they are the cash flow for developers.


I’d rather suggest most of web users to use either Google Chrome or Firefox instead of IE. IE lack of compatibility where web developers have to use ‘CSS hacks’. But we cannot get rid of this 10% end-users who used IE. Other browser like Safari by Mac also going well with every website.

Gecko and Webkit browser engine are followed the standard while rendering a webpage. But I don’t know what’s the problem with IE.. (sorry bad english)

Yes they do follow the web standards. But think again, what amount of % does Microsoft conquer? They came bundled with in their OS.

Like Abdus said, most people can’t install any software on their workstation, usually big corp or gov.

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