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For the Numb Nuts

Orang yang berfikiran besar, akan bercakap tentang ilmu.
Orang yang berfikiran sederhana, akan bercakap tentang peristiwa.
Orang yang berfikiran rendah, akan bercakap tentang orang lain.
Orang yang berfikiran cetek, akan bercakap tentang diri sendiri.

Now, sit down and think about it. Where do you belong?

ps: I got this from @bat

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Eddie, regarding the quotes, it is from Eleanor Roosevelt, which appointed by Noris in the comments.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

But as we can see, she only stated the top three, so the ‘cetek’ one is added by i-don’t-know-who-lah. =P

Seriously, i am the one who also got the ‘cetek’ mindset, in my personal blog precisely. XD

Alaa personal blog is a different story. It’s for yourself, much like myself writing NH. I’m doing this for my kins. So that when they grew up, they’d know what kind of person dad was.

But you do write infomalaya, which is beyond extra ordinary to me 😉

Ada blogger yang berfikiran terlampau pro.. Rasa dirinya hebat sebab tahu copy paste entri org lain. Content blognya memang mantap, byk tutorial !! Description pun pro semacam ~

tapi design blog dia sendiri yang seperti tahi mengoyang keyakinan org lain untuk mengelarnya pro .. akibatnya dijangka akan berhenti operasi blognya dalam masa yang terdekat ~


I know I am shallow and that is the sole reason why do I write MOSTLY about myself.

But admitting self as shallow, is a tad too pathetic. A reflection of how one looks at oneself – lack of confident and subsequently tak percaya kepada diri sendiri.

I believe in myself, and so I stand corrected, I am not shallow for writing mostly about myself.


Sis, we agreed (me and some friends), it’s TALKING not writing. Because sometimes when you write about your feelings and thoughts, fast forward a few months, you’ll look back and know, deep down, that was a keystone. It becomes history. And histories are facts.

ps: Just as long as you dont sulk TOO LONG. Otherwise, I’m ok.

kalau ko pilih ‘cetek’ aku mungkin lebih dari tu kot, eddie!? (kah3)

dalam kehidupan ini, kadang-kadang orang lain juga mempengaruhi apa yang bakal kita lalui.

jadi sombong kadang-kadang lagi bagus dari menjadi mulia tapi tidak ikhlas.

what the fun kah? (kah3)

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