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For Better or Worst, Perak

It’s official, Perak is switching lane, again.

Spineless Freaks

I had this conversion with a friend on 26th Jan. It was when Nasarudin leaped into PKR and I backed his notion. It was different then, Nasar joined the Government, yesterday was the opposite.

When the King of Frog, Anwar vouched for new Government on Sept 16, I thought it was dumb. Why do so much harm? Why create havoc? Why the chase for power? The greed? Seriously, just wait lah! 4 years isn’t that far you know. “Ku Li: Not right way to take power” posted on Anwar’s blog, look who’s talking?

On other note, from MalaysiaKini.

Unconfirmed reports state that former DAP state assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong’s house in Ipoh and her service centre in Jelapang have been pelted with stones by people angry with her defection.

Lucky it was just sticks and stones, what if some nutcracker shoot you?

Good luck to Perak and those spineless freaks.

ps: The graphic made it looked like an Ice Cream ad, the one your parents forbid you to eat, but you did anyway. Thanks SF.

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11 replies on “For Better or Worst, Perak”

King of Frog is talking from his backside. I also blog about this, more on how people can accept defection from BN to PR but not from PR to BN. It’s public perception.

Perception is the key.

The act of YB Nasa is just a bait and Anwar took it. A bait for what? Yes, so that people will see that Anwar is the one who starts everything first. Many people could not interpret this. It is proven. 10 days of defection, woo, what’s that?

In Anwar case, he wants power for the people. Given his subordinates, I dont think they’ll make a good minister. (We can’t doubt his credibility though).

Funny, we can accept BN to PR, but rejected PR to BN.

wow…memang ramai tgh blogging pasal Perak, twitter pun ramai update status pasal Perak. Flickr pun banyak gambar pasal Perak. Domain pasal Perak pun ada yang wat domain parking. Huhu.

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