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Flying Solo.. Well Not Exactly

Clear skies ahead.

I wanted to play some touch rugby, I don’t know where I left my socks.

I wanted to jog, I don’t which car I left my shoes.

I wanted to play PS2, darn, I’ve completed every single game.

I need to socialize. I need to get out. I rang Syam and Azman, they’re both up for it. It’s very uncommon for an urban boy to fly kite. I was excited more than ever!

The Transport
Our rendezvous was Shell near Karak’s exit.

The park. Clear blue sky with a hint that it might shower.

Blue Sky
It wasn’t very windy, but it’s enough to get the kite in the air.

Up There!
This kid’s expression says it all, “How do I get my kite up there?”

Multi Tasking.. Good!
Let Abg Azman show you. He could even sweet talk his girl while flying it! (Note to Employer: This is the kind of guy you want, a multi-tasker)

Fly High
I had no idea how I got this color.

Azman and his trademark, thick and furry mustache.

After several attempts, I managed to fly.. solo.. wohoo!

Kite Ade Layang²
Syam annoyingly said, “Kite ade layang-layang, awak takde…

Angkat Kaki
Wey! Aku suruh lompat! Bukan angkat kaki!” – eddie

Un-Sangkarable Hero
“Allow me to show you how to pose with a kite”, – eddie.

This is HOW you jump, with a beam highlighting my.. ehem interesting part? LoL! (Cool lens glare don’t do you think?)

The Hero
Who the hell flew this kite and hit me in the head? I’m gonna screw your brain out!

Even saturation can’t save the boy from Doomsday. Takut kan? Oleh it, smyg!

Fake Gradient
Don’t be fooled by the colors, it’s fake.

As the sun touches the ground, Yam (life4hire), Sae (callister) and some friends arrived with a basket. Sweet! My tummy started growling, I knew there had to be a roll of sandwich in that basket.

Turns out, a basket for the kitty. Alahaii…

Just for the sake of letting it out of my head.

Flying Solo.. Well Not Exactly 1

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ps: I had fun. Flying the kite, snapping photos and most importantly, editing it!

pss: Should I take photography seriously? You tell me!

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