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Flirting with Xperia

I’m still contemplating over Xperia and 5800. I can’t possibly have two good phones at hand. It would be an injustice to my pocket.

To be able to test two phones, I have to get another sim card. Luckily, starter packs isn’t that expensive anymore. While I was browsing through the numbers, I saw the sales girl’s eyes locked on my Xperia.

Sales Girl: I suke la phone you.
NoktahHitam: You nak masuk dalam phonebook I?
Sales Girl: I cakap I suke phone tu. Bukan phonebook.
NoktahHitam: Lebih baik suke tuan die dari phone tu.
Sales Girl: Tak bole. I dah kawen.

And yet you’re flirting with me?

I didn’t know phones are chick magnet. Now it makes it harder to sell the Xperia.

ps: Going to PD tomorrow! A gentleman’s weekend indeed!

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50 replies on “Flirting with Xperia”

that’s a misconception! she is not flirting for goodness sake! i would compliment something nice no matter who wears/carries it. haihhh… lelaki, lelaki…

p.s. if you think she is flirting, she might think you’re errr, nvm, just fill in the blank. *might sound a lil too harsh*

ahh, she is still considered flirting (indian pn ok what, baru curry ๐Ÿ˜› )! must get an Experia to experiment this. So r u letting go ur Experia?

p/s: went to Kuala Kangsar yesterday, excidently saw ur school just by the main road. Classic & Vintage I would say.

oh, u bagi sure i x hilangkan. i gantung kat leher. tp if dah nak hilang, nak watcmne. u bg nokia plak, u stay dgn sony erikson u je. hahaha.

this is the hardest level.

unfortunately, i can’t say “love”.
it is not available in my dictionary.

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