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Been fiddling around with WordPress and MovableType. The latter is the clear winner. However lack in themes, I have decided to go ahead with WordPress.

I will be kicking ass(es) on every single topic I find stupid.

If you think criticizing is exciting, then it is. So enjoy your stay 😉

Blogspot Noktah Hitam

I always like dark colors black.

I went through the whole WordPress theme last night, it was about 2000+ templates. I spent close to 7 hours testing the ones I like.

I have concluded, to make a great design, I have to build myself. It isn’t that hard actually. Some CSS, XHTML… I’m sure I can find my way. Designs me like,,,, and

I do not think outside the box, nor inside the box. I just THINK. – jason lee


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. doodle me dude

  2. your about me is at the bottom.. intentional?

  3. woh.. in IE 5.5 and above, the bug is not fixed yet.

  4. berjaye! thanks for pointing it out.

  5. salam, wah sudah ada domain sendiri..congrats 😀

  6. kerja buat website je. takut tade mase nak manage sendiri punye. 😉

  7. :up:
    Aku suka 1st post ko ni bro..
    First post yang sudah nampak keberaniannya..

  8. shit! I forgot what I wrote in the first post 😯

  9. Hahaha… but mmg nice bro.. kalau aku baca 1st post mane2 blog.. memang hampeh.. termasuklah aku punya.. sekali baca.. mmg rase nk tergelak jer..

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