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First Open Fire, Thank You!


This is probably the first Open Fire throughout my blogging. Fun don’t you think?

Zarina Being Topless

A single word can have multiple meanings. Lack of understanding can bring harm more than good. Often enough, I find myself on the negative side. What’s the difference between Statement and Comment? I said, Statement which means HER’s not your Comments!

Statement : a communication or declaration in speech or writing, setting forth facts, particulars, etc.
Comment : a note in explanation, expansion, or criticism of a passage in a book, article, or the like; annotation.

2 DIFFERENT things right?

Defending Hishamuddin

“Tidak akan masuk syurga tukang2 fitnah”. [source: al-Islam, Indonesia]

Saya harap ade la orang yg akan kemukan bukti yg betul kalau perkara ni sahih.

The first line refers to one of many Muhammad SAW’s hadith. While the second, no point of broadcasting if its just a rumor. I want evidence before utter ‘bull’. I’m sure the public will agree to that. Check DPPWP for comment.

NoktahHitam says

To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine ( when people do things wrong we should try hard to forgive them because all people make mistakes) – a girl reminded me.

Gay, Enemy, Bad citizen, Adultery, Faggot, the Sinned, call me what ever you want, I know what I am!

Anyway give this guy the attention he wants. Hope he enjoys it! (I did)

PS: Dude, do this openly okay. You are entitled to your own thoughts, so do I. Cool bro?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

25 replies on “First Open Fire, Thank You!”

What a stupid guy smsmen is! He is brainless yet he thinks he has the audacity to brag? Far more important, creating enemies with the unknown? Even worst, with you? This guy.. just who does he think he is? A clear example of “Sombong Bodoh”

NoktahHitam, I’m on your side. Keep writing, don’t let a monkey bring you down.

wahlau eh! got enemy oledi eddie, how la like this happen? blog is for fun oni. no need so serious1. but this guy aa, really want to kena, blame people like that, he think he cool izit?

Chi Tung, he wrote in Malay sms language. If Malay is not your first language, it will be hard for you to understand.

Got enemy also I dont mind. Just dont mess with my family or friends, they all bite harder!

was he being charged for every word he type? I mean he’s like having a limited space to write properly. WTF is all that? I can’t even read. Not that I don’t understand BM but damn, at least write properly and not just “nkth” – tell me if I don’t know noktah hitam, I would not know what is that.

Haih.nkth.nkth.nkth. Ade juga orang yang bangang macam ni sekali.nkth. Nasib baik cik Aishah ade.nkth. Die kate cool.nkth. Suruh rileks.nkth. Kalau tak,koma, aku dah rase macam nak gi bakar umah die ni dah.nkth. Hahahahaha.nkth lagi.

p/s (nkth bertindih ngan sempang):- penat syial gua asik tulis NKTH ni.nkth. Rase cam bangang pulak.nkth. Hahahaha.NKTH.

smsmen so fierce. seems like they don’t know the purpose of forming a blog. I think both of you really have misunderstanding within your comment. He really “sotblak” crazy. he looks like finding argue just for nothing.
Also, forming a blog is for visitor to comment the things you like or don’t like. If you don’t like you can delete it OR even close the comment box don’t let everyone comment it!

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