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FaceYourManga Rocks!

I don’t know about you, I love Japanese Manga. I get my daily fix at mangafox and onemanga. It’s eminent and serves my daily dose of endorphin before I go to (or get any) sleep.

I saw Minishorts posting. Rather than mumbling about her usual topics i.e. politics, getting married and missionaries, she took her time and made three FaceYourManga avatars for her facebook.

NoktahHitam getting Hype or going to a meetingNoktahHitam when writing an entryNoktahHitam if he could alter his real life form

1st Picture: That is my usual business dress code. Black shirt and stripe tie. Hyped and ready to go. Always on the bang-bang-boom mode.

2nd Picture: That is me when writing an entry or doing some coding work. I’m wicked but not vulgar (I hope). My spec has UV filter, to protect from harmful rays emitted by my laptop (ceh!).

note: 1st n 2nd picture, is my hair do. Messy and beyond control, and I like it!

3rd Picture: Denotes IF I were to alter my life form. Dye my hair blue, get some bling, show my curvy biceps and wear contacts.

Although this is not a tag, I would like to create one. I’d like to tag, Life4Hire, Nurnana, Melbie, Abdus, Saffa, my fav nemesis, Aisyah and the rest of you who reads this post.

  1. Go to FaceYourManga, design your avatar.
  2. Blog about it (duh!)
  3. and tag as many as you like Β  πŸ™„

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

25 replies on “FaceYourManga Rocks!”

Oh I love Japanese manga very much. Used to fight/quarrel over the arrangement who should read 1st back when I was staying in hostel. Imagine one manga/comic 15-20 people queuing for it, the last person normally read ‘ikan masin’ jer lah.

Very cute manga! I am going to do some πŸ˜› Nyahahaha, nobody tag, then I go do. Tag me, I stay away. Anal betul.

Bongkersz, ko mimang… bida tu gaya… cam taik tul!!! Huhu…

This one is definitely a must do in the nearest future! πŸ™‚ I love manga.. I already have a photo of me turned anime by my cousin .. so let’s generalised now.. hehehhe

bong.. masih juga sia mau cakap.. gaya ko macam taik! akakakakka jan marah.. nanti kana jual oOo ko sana pasar πŸ˜‰

Aku dulu pernah mcm tu punya kes dgn Nurnana masa kat hostel. Majalah Ujang tu Nana punya. Dia bagi pinjam kat bebudak lelaki, pastu dok pusing pusing punya baca sampai kat aku. Pastu smp balik kat Nana. Hahahah dia pun heran camne Ujang tu leh smp balik kat dia. Siap gaduh lagi tu masa tu. Kelakar betul. πŸ˜†

aku ni dari dulu memang pembekal majalah Ujang agaknya.

skang ni sama kes gak la, sama ada dgn budak2 opis dan anak2 murid aku bila kelas tusyen.

Gilesss betul..

Tata, aku pun dah lupa sapa yg dok pinjam majalah aku dulu. yang pasti last2,.. aku akan dapat majalah yg dah lunyai.


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