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ETP: Lebih Banyak Kelab Malam Akan Di Bina Menjelang 2020

ETP: Lebih Banyak Kelab Malam Akan Di Bina Menjelang 2020 1
In case you’re too lazy to read, I’ve digested in point forms

  • RM 467 million Government will fund this investment
  • RM 427 million will be generated
  • 8,000 jobs will be created
  • 6 new night clubs with 900 capacity

How much benefits will it generate as compared to bad ones?

  • More teens going out at night doing God knows what
  • More drunk drivers
  • More haram jobs will be created
  • Increase sales of booze
  • Prostitution..?

I’m sure this will be heavily contested by Muslims and non Muslims. But seriously, for RM 467 million, why don’t you build an entertainment industry that is less cliche, like parks, outdoor activities, something that revolves around families than individuals.

What I don’t under most, why use Government fund? Other projects are funded by private bodies, why night clubs? Are you fucking insane? That kind of money can be used to educate our younger generations to be more critical and innovative, of which we are lacking most.

The chase for higher income has swallowed our pride and honor, wtf Najib? Mkini

ps: So much for being an Islamic hub.

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11 replies on “ETP: Lebih Banyak Kelab Malam Akan Di Bina Menjelang 2020”

This is insanity among the expected credibility. Temptation of getting more penny rather than dignity. The oppression from the so call Islamic party which collaborate with the non, tend increase the asininity. So beware and bethought, increase your mind power to achieve the scent of goodness achieving what He and His Messenger have though you, rather than what you and they believe from ‘only logical thinking’.

heck, are you serious and guarantee that those jobs being created will be haram?
you’re sick as hell.
i mean, maybe you think you’re well-acknowledge about religion but oh come on,..
dont wite things just to attract attention.
i am on no-side, but, think first.
sit back and relax, and berzikir banyak banyak ya.
one’s writing could be a source for a crime. you could be a hate-crime starter, macha.

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