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English Is Just A Language, Wrong!

Watch the following video, supposedly UiTM’s chief student body.


For transcript, scroll down.

I’m not going to be an ass and correct his grammar, mine isn’t THAT polished to begin with. But rather question his choice of words, seemed too limited for someone of his caliber.

If I were Khalid, I’d tell him, “Hang balik, belajaQ Englis dulu.. esok mai balik na?”

Mim for Malay? Too shallow. It could mean Malaysia, but the closes would be Mara, since UiTM belongs to them.

Back to the main agenda, is English just a language? No. It clearly reflects on how one reads and interact with others. In his case, lack of both, depth of knowledge and good PR skills. It’s crying shame to have him lead the student body what more to reflect whom he leads.

In some cases, I fail to understand, why do people write gibberish Bahasa Melayu on their blog? You claim to be a Malay, but you write like trash. Haven’t you heard of the saying,”Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa“? So respect your language, it’s your origin.

I’ve been asked before, why use English when “NoktahHitam” is Malay? Simple, to improve my English. It’s in my best interest to minimize grammatical errors. Yes, I am uptight, but I don’t wear my pants above my belly.

ps: I’ve always been proud of my Javanese origin.

pss: No spelling error on this post. If it’s misspelled, it’s intentional.

As you can see behind me is the big black a metal which is symbol character of the Arabic language, Mim. If in the English vocabulary we can say it is an M. In which in English we can stands for Malays and which I can say that this university is 100% for bumiputeras and which most of them consist of the malay and this universities are not for the non Malays.

What happened last year I did the street demonstration prostressting against the Minister of Selangor itself, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for his suggestion to open up UiTM to 10% for the non malays. In which it was a incorrect suggestion to be made at the incorrect time. The Malay should have the special right because basically the Malay the son of the soil of this country. And basically we are given this type of right because we have given up the citizenship to the non Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. And for that in exchange we the privileged of such as education, scholars, loan from the bank and some land for the Malay reserve.

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Ahahahaha beautifully transcribed. Maybe I should have transcribed the video myself but I am such an English freak, I could never have done that without correcting his “grammar” (or should I say, the lack of it!)


errkk..i’m speechless..although i keep saying to my have to brush up your english and practice makes perfect..

but, to know this speech is coming from a student leader..and given the fact that UITM teach all their students in English unlike UKM..i’m surprised!! ๐Ÿ™„

son of the soil? prostressting?? OMG..go back and read, watch and learn more in order to get yourself respected by others

come on..don’t embarass yourself like this..

OMG..eddie..sorry for the long comment..i know my english is not that good but at least my scientific writing is far better than my fiction writing (blog)


Hey I think you have good English. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I tend to agree that language is about identity and lots of ppl who have lost that part of identity usually rationalises that language is just a tool of communication ‘cos they have not really owned their language.

It’s always soothing to hear Canto or even Malay in a foreign country. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜•

stupid fella. My engrish is bad but i tries to be better. I rather dont want to comment in his language but rather his principle of UiTM. (My english sucks)

my first queation for him is why would our bapa kemerdekaan went to sabah and sarawak before kemerdekaan…….TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF BUMIPUTRA.

10 percent to the non-malays? hoi bumiputra takut ka dengan 10 percent sahaja….why afraid of competition when we wanted to go global………be brave…… useful…..globalisation can be useful to us all

Even though my English is also atrocious, i don’t like him. At all. Because he is so ultra-Mim(yeah), and did not respect the existence of Chinese and Indian in this country. All Malaysian struggle to be free, not just Malay in which we can foresee the future for this country. We cannot escape from fact that Putera-AMCJA(unsung hero) that consists multi-racial line gave another big impact for Malaysia. This rep guy totally buta sejarah.

Err..I tules bahase kedah dlm my blog and I ajar kawan2 mat salleh i gibberish malay words..

but i deeply respect our language tho..huhu takpe kan?


I’ve always loved Canto! But no one to practise with since Bong also prefer talking in Malay ๐Ÿ™‚

Mind you, I rarely use curse language, but would understand if someone talks about me, especially at lowyat. Aiyo.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Hahahahaha Eddie! I soooooooooooooooo know this guy from my UiTM days! Urghhhh.

And yes, he’s every bit as cocky as he seems. I know for a fact that he became the Student Body YDP (Yang Di Pertua) because of politics. Naturally!

Once, I stood up against the UiTM MPP in a meeting because they were starting to get very biased with decisions. And then they proceeded with blacklisting my name for the rest of my time in UiTM. Like that would ever stop me. Heh. I guess that was my “incorrect suggestion at the incorrect time”.

Well I still graduated with three stars to my name, a pink sash, and a First Class Honours Degree..and you’re still struggling to speak English. So BOOYAH MPP UiTM. (Sorry emo sikit ye Encik Eddie.)

Speaking is totally different. Most of us, if we want to learn new language, it’s always easier to start with cursing or vulgar language. It’s easier to remember ๐Ÿ˜›

And if you want to improvise slang, or accent, you’re most definitely welcome. As long as not gibberish Malay.

Without you cropping out the topic, I wouldn’t have spotted this guy.

He seemed so proud that he led the demo. Isn’t he scared of being unemployed? No employer wants their staff’s foot up their nose.

“As you can see behind me is the big black a metal which is symbol character of the Arabic language, Mim. If in the English vocabulary we can say it is an M.”

vocabulary or alphabet ? ๐Ÿ˜†

I always think that speaking English is easier than writing it down. Weird, no? I used to be minah menceceh atas pentas in both Malay and English debates. And that’s why I am better at using it orally than literally. But still, my English is no better than you.

Tapi apapun saya tetap lebih selesa menggunakan Bahasa Melayu. Tapi (banyaknya tapi), budak ni tidak mencapai standard langsung. Macam mana dia menjadi pemimpin, mengelolakan bermacam-macam perkara dan yang paling utama, kalau yang diperjuangkan waktu demo tu adalah untuk memastikan semangat bersaing sesama Bumiputera tu terus dikekalkan sesama mereka saja tanpa membawa sebarang peningkatan kualiti, tiada makna nak memperjuangkan generasi globalisasi keluaran UiTM. Lagi bercampur, lagilah terbuka luas skop berfikir.

Dear this fella, as you sow, so shall you reap, man. I doubt what NH wrote about worrying your future is undeniably true. Hmm. Pride comes before a fall. Don’t let it wrap u up solely.

Sarah, you definitely have better command of English than I do. I was never accepted as a debater ๐Ÿ™„

Kata mahukan globalisasi, tetapi persaingan dalam negeri pon tak boleh atasi. Tak apa, dunia dalam tempurung mungkin lagi indah. Boleh warnakan dinding sesuka hati.

unless he/she is an English teacher (or equivalent), i always find it very rude/arrogant for someone to correct/comment on other people speaking skills…just my need to “hentam” me eh?..hehe

I found the video by serendipity and I was incredulously suprised at how this fella could even qualify for an interview with BBC Channel 4. Tak tahu di mana hendak letak “water face” bila sudah selesai melihatnya.Thank God I have always called myself a Javanese, never a Malay.

Judging by the quality of his “powderful Engleesh”, I think I should be a student leader at UiTM :mrgreen:

banyaknye ‘which’ dalam satu ayat…
.. patut la english trainer ku suke marah2 bile speech aku terabur…


benarkan aku gunakan kata-kata ini ya wahai kawan. sbb sgt menarik

“dunia dalam tempurung mungkin lagi indah. Boleh warnakan dinding sesuka hati”


betul la.. he needs to learn a lot in order to be respected. not only about his language, but also the content of his speech. work harder bro!

as much as i wanted to laugh at him (not with him, mind you that) i felt a sense of sensitivity when i see this video for the first time.

1. because i myself is not such a good speaker. i do admit that i stammer and messed up my grammar, especially when i was put under the spotlight

2. english is not my 1st language. thus, making mistakes and error is common, especially among us malays who i assume do not speak that language as much as our own mother tongue

3. rehearsals and a helluva practise makes meticulous english usage. trust me. harharhar…

I’m not being a snob but I have this thing against the massacre of English. He could have just spoke in BM and BBC would have provided a (oh so much better) translation.

Wanted to comment on the content of what he said but thats probably another matter entirely

I have nothing against his command of English (I am not a good speaker myself), but rather the things he said. We have this kind of shit qualified as a ‘student leader’? (and apparently quite snobbish and proud at it). I weep for the nation.

Do we need such divisive speech among us? I am sick of this attitude “we against them” “us vs the others”, it’s not helping at all.

Hendak majukan bangsa? Belajar dulu dik.

I doubt even if he’s to make a speech in Malay, he’s able to articulate his points coherently.

I get you. Let’s say you’re my boss. I submit to you an English-broken proposal for some multi-million project. Do you correct me or fire me?

1. As a good person, you feel oblige to educate me. What more not face lawyer fees for firing me.

2. I won’t learn anything, and you risk being sued of pay high compensation.

Not only English teacher can correct. Everyone who wants to see others grow teaches too.

I don’t mind grammatical errors, but his selection of words, English vocabulary? Black metal thing? son of soil? prostressting? Aiyoo..

I bet BBC was laughing their ass off while editing this.

haha, can’t resist. Coz he proved his engrish is bad, right after ‘My engrish is bad’.. Sorry Taukey, no hard feelings okay.

i might not be good in english but.. for things as important as that.. shouldn’t he, prepare what he wants to talk about beforehand? i mean, write it out first then sort of memorize the key points; not by,know the key points, pandai2 la buat ayat at that spot

i got annoyed with the repetition of ‘in which’ when he can just use a full stop! lol

i’m one of the student rep in my course
and having limited vocab is totally a disadvantage since talking to students; of course can say it any way i want (black thing? lol) but when i’m telling the complaints in the meetings, obviously i cant say that

.. so what if you’re english is crappy?
if prepare for it, knowing what to say and what’s the correct term, that should be fine, right?

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