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English Is Just A Language, Wrong!

Watch the following video, supposedly UiTM’s chief student body.


For transcript, scroll down.

I’m not going to be an ass and correct his grammar, mine isn’t THAT polished to begin with. But rather question his choice of words, seemed too limited for someone of his caliber.

If I were Khalid, I’d tell him, “Hang balik, belajaQ Englis dulu.. esok mai balik na?”

Mim for Malay? Too shallow. It could mean Malaysia, but the closes would be Mara, since UiTM belongs to them.

Back to the main agenda, is English just a language? No. It clearly reflects on how one reads and interact with others. In his case, lack of both, depth of knowledge and good PR skills. It’s crying shame to have him lead the student body what more to reflect whom he leads.

In some cases, I fail to understand, why do people write gibberish Bahasa Melayu on their blog? You claim to be a Malay, but you write like trash. Haven’t you heard of the saying,”Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa“? So respect your language, it’s your origin.

I’ve been asked before, why use English when “NoktahHitam” is Malay? Simple, to improve my English. It’s in my best interest to minimize grammatical errors. Yes, I am uptight, but I don’t wear my pants above my belly.

ps: I’ve always been proud of my Javanese origin.

pss: No spelling error on this post. If it’s misspelled, it’s intentional.

As you can see behind me is the big black a metal which is symbol character of the Arabic language, Mim. If in the English vocabulary we can say it is an M. In which in English we can stands for Malays and which I can say that this university is 100% for bumiputeras and which most of them consist of the malay and this universities are not for the non Malays.

What happened last year I did the street demonstration prostressting against the Minister of Selangor itself, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for his suggestion to open up UiTM to 10% for the non malays. In which it was a incorrect suggestion to be made at the incorrect time. The Malay should have the special right because basically the Malay the son of the soil of this country. And basically we are given this type of right because we have given up the citizenship to the non Malays, the Chinese and the Indians. And for that in exchange we the privileged of such as education, scholars, loan from the bank and some land for the Malay reserve.

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73 replies on “English Is Just A Language, Wrong!”

Argh… “confusing my mind”. keh keh keh. but for me…
in my blog… i always mixed the languages.

Yes bro.. like you’ve said above… “bahasa jiwa bangsa”
but when I’m wrote, I’m prefer to use informal language.

Like people said… “Bahase pasar” well… it was depends
on the story that I’ve try to cover off… I like this way…
Communication using informal languages make me close to my reader.

In this way they’ll not ashamed to gave any suggestion
or what ever comment on my place. But… some of the
reader also felt the same way like you does 😀 hahaha..

What I care is, when I’m try to write something that
forced readers to think or something that I want to talk
about globalization… of course… I’ll used the formal
language as much as I can. But sorry…. sorry for the
word “Aku” Hahaha… I felt to “skema” when I’m using
“saya” in my writing… LOL~

Woraite bro.. fuh… for the first time *I thought* this
is the longest comment I’ve made. Sorry for any
grammatical error. I was not on a good English

P/S: You know what… I’ve to encourage myself writing
a comment in English on your blog. Hahahaha…
Sumpah aku memang tak pandai omputeh~

Wow bro! Brave attempt. If I were to circle your errors, it would probably fill up the whole screen. Nontheless, I admire your courage. It’s not everyday I get to see something like this.

Well, some people like to talk about hobby, fine. Talk about technology, no problem. Talk about politic and serious matters, but in rubbish Malay? That I can’t live with.

When I write, I always meant it for smart people. It’s really up to you what or how you write. But people like me, will only keep an eye and not focus on the main agenda.

would anyone go to a pak cik jual ikan and ask about microprocessor?

that’s what i mean here
if it’s something you do, you know (or should know – big black metal; it has a name, right?)

you won’t be asked some soalan cepuk emas out of the blue, tak ke? 😛

answering a question that people ask just because they want to know about something is different than justifying your act by words

Nazz welcome to the club.

saya memang buat apa yg NH cadang kan tu. bila tengok cerita english saya suka ulang balik cakap dialog mereka. seronok pulak rasanya. kadang tu bila sub-title dah kuar dulu, tapi dialog sebenar belum keluar, saya yang ucap dulu dialog tu.

adoi.. what the hell la mamat ni. hehe. i also make lots of grammar mistake in my blog. well, we have the same idea of blogging in english.

but i wonder, why UiTM take international students from overseas? i thought they only cater for Bumiputras ..

A whole bunch of people that I know have this perseverance to blog in English.

Just because there are thousands of grammar nazis hiding anonymously, the courage is swept away by the fear of looking stupid.

They are petrified of making mistakes, of getting bombarded by thousands of comments on how atrocious their English are. Inferiority complex, no?

But I applause those emotionally-detached persons who still blog no matter what comments they receive. People criticize because you can’t see the flaws you cultivate in yourself. So swallow that.

I haven’t watched that guy talking crap as yet. But one thing for sure, I won’t make myself look stupid if BBC is generous enough to broadcast me all over the world.

Guys, at least he put courage to speak upfront. It is not good to underestimate other people. I am not trying to act well. You might wanna look at yourself before you put comment on others. He probably cant speak english well. Maybe he can recite the Quran better than you guys out there. You might wanna look into that.

You might think I am underestimating people, well, if you put it that way, that makes all your dad’s “teguran” as underestimating. Besides, he’s inclined towards politics, either I tell him he’s not good enough or I let him be. Whichever way, someday, someone will eventually shoot him down. It’s now or never.

Recite Quran huh? How about 100m? Can he beat me at that? Point is, I am specifically discussing a topic, not everything.

A “teguran” or so called advice from a father to his son is to show how much he concern about his son. My father did his work ethically and with honesty. He projects all the good qualities as a leader to the nation. My mentor was my father. If He was not that good enough, He won’t be at the top notch level. I don’t want to compare him with anyone around us. You just might want to judge at a small group first; family members for instance. People may envy as you go up the ladder and we call it obstacles. If you deliver your job right, InsyaAllah that God will lead us the way up the ladder. Define yourself in a big way. We all have self-definitions; give yourself a big definition. Your attitude is much more important than your IQ. As a conclusion, my father is someone important in my life and please do not offend his capability. Last and but not least, can you take your father as your mentor?

oh god shouldnt he have prepared a text and have it memorized before doing something like this up the lens?! im a uitm alumna for god’s sakes and this is just incomprehensible!

he could have just asked me to do it for him. he’ll come up better sounding than martin luther king once im done with his pronunciations.

oh swell whatever. this is a nice post. i like it.

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