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Elizabeth Wong, PKR to Quit over Nudity

I’ve wrote before about Chua Soi Lek, admitting taking responsibility in his adultery case.

Elizabeth Wong is different. Her photos were circulated in a flash (though I have yet to source them, I don’t think a 37 year old would be that alluring). The nude picture was taken in the comfort of her own home, while sleeping.

I read around, BN supporters are pressuring her to quit.

Truth is, this is no where near Chua Soi Lek’s scandalous affair. CSL is married and banged his partner in a hotel, Elizabeth did neither. I don’t see any crime here.

So what if she sleeps nude? She’s not a Muslim succumbed by Islamic law. For all I know, we all shower naked, unless you’re a mundane-insanely-wanita-terakhir-mandi-berkemban type of person, which I doubt.

Is it immoral to sleep nude?

If I were in her position, I’d stand tall, since people has seen me inside out. But Elizabeth is an Asian woman, shy and good willed, she can’t sweep her shame under the rug, what more speaks in front of perverts.

It’s just sad to see lowlife politicians play this kind of trickery to bring down others. I could only dream this is the samurai age. I don’t like you, you don’t like me, we duel to death! (Which ended with me pulling a gun from my nut sack.)

To Elizabeth, I wish you best of luck, whichever option you choose.

ps: Good people being shot down like stray dogs. Well, this is Malaysia, anything is possible. Malaysia Boleh!

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26 replies on “Elizabeth Wong, PKR to Quit over Nudity”

oh well…i think i’ve seen some explicit pictures of her…but it’s not that nude la…what i’ve seen are 3 pictures of her taken using camera phone, very low resolution and blurry. one picture of her face and 2 other pics exposing her underwear…that’s all…

if that’s what we called nudity, i think there’s a lot of nude pictures in my photo album 😛

I decided not to post on this issue, even after getting many hits from searches on Eli Wong’s photo to my blog. I saw the photos already, hell.. even I more indecently dressed at home. What nudity? Semi nude, yes.

But, I heard there are other photos, and videos.. which can be more damaging, especially to other parties. PM me on Gtalk, we’ll talk if you want haha!

Sick of Malaysian politics. Low blow.. bunch of nincompoops retards..

i dont understand this nonsense. politics and politicians can’t be more idiotic than this ke?

tryla go against each other through healthier debates like obama-mccain or something. ini pasal tak pakai baju. suka dia la nak buat ape kat rumah. it’s none of anybody’s business.

with technology these days, its so easy to superimpose people’s faces anyway.

Hmm.. saw the picnic. I am more indecent than that 😮

She’s a figure. If one day, I decide to tap into politics, I’ll make sure, I’ll get married first and have a clean background from here on 😥

If they go into debates, you’ll know who’ll hold the losing end of the straw.

I guess I better ask my ex-es whether they still have my nude photos or not, before I tap in politics. HAHAHAHAHa 😀

money, power, supports..

they’ll beheaded if this is the samurai age. (some tricky samurai’ll use their gun)

maybe not now, but i believe they’ll be punished somewhere.

nude pictures.. a big deal ke?
what’s the different pun between nude or not?
people been walking around half nude, xde kena tangkap polis pun?

so what is she’s nude?
i see nothing big in this to make this some sort of berita hangat

weird la people these days
..well should i say, org suka jatuhkan org lain sgt!

well.. for a girl politician found naked even if she’s at her home doing nothing wrong it just gain the wrong attention for those old school people.

she shouldn’t resign.

Old school people just couldnt accept the modern world and they know it well.. using such cheap plan to bring down their enemy.. bunch of old farts.. malaysia boleh! my ass.. :down:

Eli is the victim, invading her privacy at her own house is just unacceptable 😡

I would definitely love to introduce you to my friend.. 😉

kesian eli..dirty politics..

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