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Earth Hour, A Time to Think


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In conjunction with Global Warming, the WWF (not the wrestling) came up with the idea of Earth Hour.

We can’t ignore the fact that it is getting hotter by the day. Icebergs in South Pole are melting. If this continues, in 80 years time, there will be no Australia, what a more a small country like Malaysia?

Time out from the bloody politics. Let’s sit and think for the benefit of mankind. I’m sure we can make a difference. For more info about Earth Hour.

ps: Please think of your younger generations. We can’t do this individually 😉

pss: Let’s not be ignorant okay?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “Earth Hour, A Time to Think”

ahaha. yesh2! i’m in.
tp xtaw mcm na maw bwat.
okek! i have a great idea.

about 7.59pm, we went to the electric main board.
then we trigger the off switch. and then. we scream!
“aaaa! who turn off the light?”
hihi~ then pretend to do nothing about if.
you parents, housemates, wife, husband may thinks that as a electric shortage.
after 9pm, you tried to be the hero by switching on the electric switch. haha! 😕

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