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Earth Hour Theme For WordPress

Last year I wrote about Earth Hour. If you still have no idea, you can watch the movie on the sidebar.

Earth Hour WordPress

I was approached by Abinesh (he’s from WWF) to design the theme. I started this project early Feb. Somehow work comes piling up, I had to sidelined this project. Well, now it’s completed, enjoy it!


  • Scroll Animation (try clicking the “Go Up” link below)scroll-up.png
  • 3 Widget, Top, Left and Right. (thanks to Abdus)3widgets.png
  • Built in Twitter updatetwitter.png
  • Gravatar readygravatar.png
  • Next page and previous page/postbrowse-content.png
  • RSS Button readylive-count-down.pngrss1.png
  • Countdown for Earth Hourlive-count-down.png


  • Gravatar plugin (else comment won’t show)
  • Twitter Account (every blogger should have twitter)
  • WordPress 2.33 or higher


  • Download, unzip and upload to wp-content/theme folder
  • Go to Presentations and activate the theme
  • To change Twitter id, edit line 57 in Header.php (Change the ID)
  • To remove items in Sidebar open Sidebar.php (I commented)

In case you’re blind, here’s the Download link again.

The Earth Hour theme was released under Common Creative. Please don’t be stingy and remove the credit in the footer. Thanks 😉

ps: Let me know if there’s any error when using your favorite browser.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

54 replies on “Earth Hour Theme For WordPress”

bro, im having trouble with the comments part man.. Ive got gravatar installed and i still get :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function gravatar() in /home/***/public_html/ on line 30

What you can do, is go to comments.php, find this
< ?php gravatar("R", 40,""); ?>
and change it according to gravatar’s instruction.

The PHP script above means, show gravatar with R rated, 40×40 pixels, if no gravatar, use the link to show picture.

If all else fail, just remove the whole IMG tag.

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