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Draw The Bloody Room

I’ve meaning to give Google SketchUp a try, I finally did.

Dad approved me moving into the new room. However, he’d like to see how I wanted it to be, in 3D! He thinks 3D drawings are easy (of course they are, given the right tools).

sketchup_logo.png I was thinking of AutoCAD, but it’s too complex for me to understand. Plus I’d need to size up the house before I can do anything. This is where Google SketchUp comes in. It’s light weight, 33mb only and it’s free. You can download it here.

It took a few minutes to familiarize, another hour to memorize short keys.


The room with 2 single beds is my current room. I’ll be moving to the room next to it. (It has a room in a room, WOOT!)


The room layout if there’s no balcony. (Seriously, who needs a balcony?)

I only drew the walls and floors. The rest using the ‘Get Models’ feature, which loads pre-designed 3D drawings from the Internet.

If you’re thinking of taking up 3D designs or learning new computer skills, seriously, try Google’s SketchUp. But I have to warn you, it’s addictive. Let’s just hope the renovation is completed before Eid.

ps: I’m not busy, just tired of blogging and people.

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8 replies on “Draw The Bloody Room”

sketch-up is easy.
U might want to install some pluggins like vray and kerkeythea though; just to have a look at it pretty + lighting & space quality etc 😀

wow.. series menatang macam ni yang aku carik selama ni. nak jadi arkitek google la lepas ni.. hahaha..
thanks beb..

P/S: memang autocad memeningkan kepala. dah tak hengat dah mende alah tuh macam mane nak mula.. aku lebih selesa pakai 3D Max.

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