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Long ago I use to download my juice of mp3s. Sadly, they have restricted the search for mp3s on their social network site. You can still download these files, provided you are very determined (to go page by page).

I’m very picky when it comes to sound quality. Mp3s come in many versions, radio edit, low frequency (Hz), poor quality, naming discrepancy etc. I usually download one whole album. This way I can ensure that these songs are properly ripped and uniformed.

I do not support the act of piracy, however, by listening to these mp3 over and over, I am given the chance to love or hate their music. I’ll buy their CD to show my support (mind you, some are still wrapped in plastic!).

To cater for my ever music hunger, I do my download at You will be asked to search for anything and will be given a link to rapidshare to download the file. is not only limited to mp3, you can find videos, softwares and ebook. You can even find Dr. Chua’s act of Paris Hilton (seriously!). Another alternative is to use, but the sound is terrible!

A word of warning, have explicits ads on their site (by explicit, I mean NUDE). Be sure not to access when your mom is watching over your shoulder (that includes your brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins… you get what I mean). You don’t want them to think you’re curious about pornography (get out of the shades already!).

PS: I visited the birth place of MP3 when I was in Germany at Fraunhofer. Very cool facility. There was also a development on 3D sound system and the wireless football (which was supposed to be used in WC 2006). Also the birth place for Digital Radio.

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10 replies on “Download MP3s and Other Craps at”

i dont really fancy rapid share because it’s hard for me to download some movies.. sometimes they blocked it. damn! but for music download, i rather use ares or limewire

lydiarayan : same2.

syia : multiply dah block search feature. tu yg tak best.

satkuru : some of these files (.rar) needs password. Beware.

maika : ares and limewire too slow. plus tmNUT limits p2p software. for movies, bit torrent is the way to go.

ive found this on multiply .. n it works =)
“maybe u could try this way
instal the add-ons from
after u instal this add-ons, restart your firefox.
after u restart the firefox, an icon (greenfish) will pop up in the right side of the google tabs
open the page which contain the music u want to download, then klik the green fish.
a new tabs will be opened, scroll down and you will see some link.
just klik save and the download manager will pop up :D”

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