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Don’t Teach Your Fiancee TeamViewer

I outsourced some of my work to AR because she wanted new shoes. ( I don’t believe in free lunch.. hahaha). To be fair, I gave her some of my PHP work. I’m sure she can get it done easily 😉

The first thing we needed to do was keep the files in sync. The best way to do this is via DropBox. However we ran into some  difficulties, so I asked her to install TeamViewer on her Mac.

I showed her some tricks and wahlaaaa.. she took charge of my PC. Guess what happened?

Don't Teach Your Fiancee TeamViewer 1

She facebbook-jacked me and got a lot of likes (which I rarely get btw).

Lesson learned, don’t teach your better half TeamViewer, not only they’ll control your PC, but also your world. LOL

ps: Sorry if I’ve been boring these past few weeks.


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TeamViewer is rather popular due to it’s ease of use. But I heard it has several known security bugs.

I think there is almost no option for a good helpdesk tool except
Ammyy Admin that can really beat TeamViewer from the point of user-friendly interface and understandable controls which is crucial for successful help desk service.

Moreover the latter is free for private use, and business license looks much affordable than TeamViewer one.

kejadahnyer ni? spam ke ape ni? ko paham dak ape eddie cite? bengong tol haha. saje bosan

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