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Don’t Meddle with Fatwa

The latest sizzling fatwa we have is “Pengharaman Pengkid” and “Pengharaman Yoga“. A few blogs have already published their thoughts on this matter, therefor, it’s my liberty to defend my stand.

Mosque Kuala Kangsar

Before I delve further into this topic, I suggest you read ImamKhalid’s explanation on mufti. I will not echo mufti’s role to prove my point.

When muftis agreed to ban pengkid and yoga, everyone wants a piece of the shattered glass. Truth is, you are meddling with Islam and you have no rights to tell me anything unless you’re huffing my grass.

If you’re a Chinese, you do not want to be sweeping the house during Chinese New Year (it’s like shoo-ing luck), similarly, if you’re a Hindu, it’s wrong to eat cow’s meat. Both are equally questionable. But your views may differ depending on ‘what’ you are.

Now my question, do you see us (Muslim) object these traditions/beliefs scrupulously? No. It’s your business and we respect that.

For Malaysians, race has always been a sensitive issue. Any distinctive odor of racist will surely ignite their subconscious genes. However, religion is a few pitch higher.

You are free to question the role of NEP, English as education medium, ISA or why no Gardenia bread in Sabah. Anything but religion. Why can’t you? Because you do not understand what’s it like to be in this shoe. I’m not saying it’s a burden, but one must embrace a religion as a whole and not sikit-sikit to grasp the concept.

Unlike the PM, mufti’s words are final and is only subjected to Muslim. So please fellow Muslims, understand that, Fatwa exists not to suppress your freedom, but to distinguish between right and wrong. Like it or not, you have to accept it, even if you think it’s written by a pious nerd.

And to non-muslim, please hold your punches. You don’t want me to be fondling your ma and likewise.

ps: I may have raised my voice, I meant every single word.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Don’t lose sleep over it brother. The kuffaar and the Islam Liberals will never stop questioning Islam until Islam is wiped out from the earth, but Allah s.w.t. will bring it to a completion, even though the disbelievers dislike it.



We comment as we like. It’s our freedom.
You can choose to ignore us.
We are not bound by anything to stay silent if we feel like talking about it and calling it dumb…. ๐Ÿ˜•

Someone as experience as you, would know where to stick your nose at. Please, Islam is Islam, Christian is Christian and Buddha is Buddha. Don’t go rojak-ing everything.

Remember, freedom of speech comes with great responsibility.

Those shattered-heart non-Muslims don’t have any specific knowledge on this matter. They speaks without thorough studies on Muslim, Fatwa, and all those things. They just heard the news on TV.

I personally believe, in order to give them better understandings, we need to prove them with our behavior and lifestyle, not to FORCE them to accept our fatwas whether they like it or not.

In other words, there’s still some holes to be patched here and there in our lifestyle, or otherwise they’ll easily give bad credits to Muslims.

Haiyah Noktah

Nowadays with Internet we just like to comment
Like I may say, not as a Christian, but just generally that the tomboy fatwa is dumb ‘cos it’s unlikely to curb the problem. Next pengkid underground clubs will be HOT?
Doesn’t mean that we want the Fatwa council to change its decision, etc.
Also it’s prob more advisable to explain such matters even to non-Muslims so that we can try to understand why our Muslim friends are subjected to such things.
Even if Muslims say Christianity is DUMB, false religion, etc, also can lah. It’s just freedom of expression.
Some Muslims have been spreading all sorts of info about Christians, budaya Barat, etc….
Can’t really stop them on the basis that ‘cos they are not “Christian”, they shouldn’t comment…Just comment from a Muslim perspective? And then we can also listen and maybe think some things are nonsense?
That’s my view.

just my 2 cents. from my humble opinion, there shouldn’t be a fatwa on this issue. in islam, male can’t dress or act like a woman and vice versa. it’s simple and there’s no doubt about it. but if they want to question the fatwa on yoga, i think that can be done though i don’t know about yoga that much. i only know that yoga is just an exercise. ๐Ÿ™„

But Noktah, if you are talking about overenthusiatic non-Muslim protestors STARTING some perjuangan then it’s a different story-lah.
Maybe this pengkid pahlawans has Muslim gfs so cannot do anything?
Not so black and white.
But I agree that change within Muslims should best come from within.

ermmm macam2 la skrg ni.. yang utama tak di utamakan.. masalah sedia ada pun tak selesai..

btw.. kenapa gardenia x ada d SABAH? i baru je tau pasal ni. hehehe..

These boys (mufti) did THOROUGH studies on this. How thorough I do not know. But mufti is someone we HAVE to respect no matter what. He’s not like our father, he’s more than that. So if he said, haram, it’s haram then.

Sometimes fatwa crops out to fit modernization. It is mentioned in Quran, cross dressing is haram. Fatwa is just another way of reminding us of what NOT to do.

About yoga, I dont understand. But then again, refer to mufti, they know best. I studied engineering and like you IT. So we do not have the knowledge to go bouncing on their walls.

Yes I did. So did Nik Aziz’s statement on that matter.

Religion and race are two different things. If temples are being demolished, investigate, what’s the root of cause? This is a physical matter, something that can be sorted out. On the other hand yoga and pengkid is beliefs, it’s a psychological issue. It needs to be addressed from within, ie Muslim themselves. Fatwas weren’t made over night, like how the gov had a 4 hour meeting to increase petrol price.

My point is, who are we to be questioning mufti? We did not study Islam as our core degree, masters or Phd.

sorry to disturb but here is my opinion. they have the right to strengthen this issue since the function of ijtima’ ulama’ is to remind the ummah and to explain the matter in clearer vision. it’s true that it is very clear stated in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, cross dressing and all that counted are forbidden. but the nowadays ummah has slightly forget about it or maybe to be exact i can say, they dont take it as a serious thing to obey. therefore, the fatwas are necessary as a reminder to stress back over things that we have forgotten or dont care much at. the pengkid issue is a never ending story. the same goes for the homosexualism. therefore, we need the fatwas from the muftis to bring up the hukum to be familiarized in the public, to remind the muslims and to warn us, dont try to mess with Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Once Allah decided to test us upon this issues, the whole community will be involved. not 1-to-1. oh, not to forget. in fiqh, we have this so called ranking whom should we refer to: 1) Al-Quran 2) Hadith 3) Qias 4) Ijtima’ ulama’. well, the muftis are the ijtima’ ulama’ that we should refer to in our current life.

Correct me if im wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

yoga tu kalau tak silap i ritual dia atau ada la bnda2 yg recite masa yoga tu related to Hindu thingy
that’s why we cant practice it
even so, some might argue and say we can practice yoga w/o reciting benda2 tu
but the thing is muslim ni tak boleh “ikut-ikut” dan menyerupai (you know what i mean kn)

btw differ is the best ๐Ÿ˜‰

aku sedih la..dah 50 tahun merdeka pon ada yg xdpt bezakan bila boleh dan xboleh campur tangan dlm sesetengah hal.(hal agama,etc..)

betul tu..aku pon terpikir contoh yg sama bila hal ni berlaku. aku tak soal org india depan2 pon kenape xleh mkn daging lembu? mcm mana nk dpt zat dr lembu tuh? xboring ke mkn ayam,ikan?etc..dan org Cina kenape pakai merah je bila tahun baru cina?,betul ke leh bagi tuah,etc.. sbb mmg offensive dan dah mmg itu kepercayaan/agama diorg,kena hormati la.

sama la dgn fatwa ni,hormati je la.

Muftis cannot be challenged? That’s not helping the religion no? By not allowing discussions? Mufti is just an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law (sharia). They do make mistakes. What about fatwa on Salman Rushdie?

The term ‘mufti’ literally means the giver of fatwas. His job is to issue fatwas, in other words the rules to be observed by the Muslim community.

Isn’t there a hadith of the Prophet pertaining to ignorant muftis, those who misguide and lead others astray by issuing wrong fatwas (not founded upon knowledge)?

Correct me if I am wrong, Islam is the religion of knowledge and reason. “No religion”, says the Prophet, “to one who has no reason”.

Hence, the seeking of knowledge is the first and foremost obligation for every Muslim, man and woman, as long as he or she is alive. That being the case, how is it possible for mankind to accept the leadership of a person whose grasp of reason and knowledge are questionable?

ps: I want to see fatwa on ISA, or is it of less importance than yoga and tomboy issues?

I have notice that most muslims today have no respect for our ullamas just because they have different thoughts from us – when the truth is we are the one who have a very low understanding about Islam compare to the ulammas. In Islam, if Allah says it is haram, then it is haram and you should/must unquestionably accept the order. One may question it but do not exceed the limits. Exceeding the limits by means, just to satisfy yourself for the sake of yourself.

Talking about fatwas. Before the ullamas came out with any fatwas, they’ve look at all symptoms and compare it with the best cure with the least side affects which is NOT based on logic but Qiyas (decision made by all ullamas guided by Quran, and Hadith and other related references). So it is really important to understand why it is said to be haram before you argue. For Muslims, if it is regarding to Islam, do not simply use your logic blindly without referring to Hadith and Quran. And for the non-Muslims, fatwas are regulated to the Muslims and I don’t think the non-Muslims should say something about it. Lets the expertise do their job… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good post NH!

Just an additional 2 cents. The issue here is, why on earth would they bother about Muslims’ matter? Why would they bother going out having stupid riot around the city (I just watched the video)? Is there any mistakes the media made, any misreported thing that triggered them to act like that?

I guess Malaysias are generally a very kepoh group. We (all races) like to hear a bit of scandal and gossip and cant help giving our 2 cents in every issue.

Respect is whats lacking here.

p/s: There IS gardenia bread in Sabah. was there for 7 yrs.

…the tomboy fatwa is dumb โ€˜cos itโ€™s unlikely to curb the problem

then again if we sit on it it’s not as though it’ll go around solving itself now would it? it’s not the end result but rather the effort we put in towards changing something. although of course, i admit that in implementing something it is of utmost importance that it has to be effective in its practical sense , otherwise there really is no point in losing sleep over it to begin with.

the way i see it is that it has to begin somewhere. the fatwa would be a good starting point.

don’t accept it if you’d rather not, but it’s just plain courtesy to keep quiet and leave Islam be.

contohnya la Mr. Yoong: kalau kita nampak a prostitute crossing the street, we don’t go up to her and say: “Look! You’re a prostitute!” Why? Because while it may be true, it’s rude.

and the same goes to those Muslims who according to you, has been going around “…spreading all sorts of info about Christians, budaya Barat, etcโ€ฆ.”. some opinions are just meant to be kept to oneself or restricted to debates among close friends who would find it in their hearts to remain non-judgmental, level-headed and profoundly patient in discussing such matters.

in the name of freedom of expression Mr. Yoong, i mean no harm. just an opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

and NH, two of my favourite lines frm this entry:
Iโ€™m not saying itโ€™s a burden, but one must embrace a religion as a whole and not sikit-sikit to grasp the concept.

Unlike the PM, muftiโ€™s words are final and is only subjected to Muslim.

so, so true.

I would love to see that fatwa as well.

Muftis, not just a mufti. Long ago in the turks, there used to an open discussion on fatwa. The debate was so intense they had to take it out of their system, because it might shatter ones belief.

It’s kind of like ‘was-was’ thing, if you’re in doubt, obscure, it’s haram until proven halal.

No offense bong, but it’s quite hard to argue about this matter. I’m a muslim, I don’t do yoga or a pengkid and you’re neither one of them too. So let it slip and jump to the next topic, why no gardenia in sabah and sarawak?

aku bersyukur tuan punya blog berfikir sama cam aku. islam adalah penyelamat bukan agama yang memberi burden kepada penganutnya. islam datang straight from Allah what? don’t mess up with HIM ok. x cukup lagi ke nikmat yang DIA bagi untuk malaysia as a whole neh?

for non muslims, pleaseX3 do not interfere in our religion matter. hak asasi? pigi mampus. that is man-created so called “religion”. not meant to be followed.

firstly, i totally agree with you that non-muslims should not “menyibuk” with matters pertaining to islam. plase do not confuse with race, culture, superstitions and religion. oh yes, i love your weird english.

Hahaha.. That has a nice ring to it. (doctor, not stalker!) But just to keep the record straight, i’m neither one (yet).

Btw, i think the bulk of the problem lies in the fact that altho we claim we aren’t, Malaysia is actually pretty secular in its ways. Maybe that’s what we need to fix first. Islam should be a way of life, not just something we practice ritually because all our friends and families and neighbors do. And like you said “one must embrace a religion (Islam) as a whole and not sikit-sikit to grasp the concept.” It’s in the Qur’an (2:208) so that’s not really something to argue about.

And i think Mr Yoong made a very good point up there when he said change should start from within. If we can’t show them what true Muslims are, then really the blame falls on us, not them. It’s this ‘Masalah Ummah’ we really need to tackle, not the petty squabble about what you or i or he or she thinks is right.

At least that’s what i think.
And i really like this post. Thanks.

i wasn’t taken a back when these kafirun ‘kepo-kepo’ with our thing…it’s not a first time anyway~~ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

“I personally believe, in order to give them better understandings, we need to prove them with our behavior and lifestyle,”

but i think this is the hardest part….looking at the ummah nowadays…how much can we expect?….. ๐Ÿ™„

secara keseluruhan tak guna nak kecoh-kecoh, perlu lihat pada diri sendiri juga. sejauh mana tanggungjawab yang kita telah jalankan.

bagus bro, berani! bukan cakap kosong, benda berasas. semuanya telah dijelaskan di dalam quran. cuma fahaman sahaja yang berbeza, itu yang menyebabkan salah faham!

ps : sorry NH, mlm td lupa nak komen wahaha

i went to a ceramah the other day at the surau. an ustaz once quote:

“muslims in this country has misconceptions about islamic debates. actually it’s a healthy practice and enriches knowledge. most of us just ‘accept’ fatwas etc. although i disagree a lot with mufti perlis’ views, i still respect his knowledge in hadith studies. the only problem is that hadith is raw form of some hukum (if ada) and we need syariah to intepret it properly. in al-azhar mesir, debates about fatwas are very, very common. unlike here, anyone who challenges fatwas or slightly extreme are condemned.”

that is what we lack in our current belief system i suppose.

when i was working in my ex-firm, by ex-boss used to ask me about islam. and i quote the general understanding of certain concepts he was enquiring about (he’s a pious protestant btw). what struck me dumb was:

“the problem with muslim these days they do not know the real source of their rules (i.e. hukum). as a muslim u should be able to quote certain recitations on fundamental beliefs of islam at least.”

i argued that i don’t really master arabic, so to hafal made it very difficult.

he answered “our original bible is in aramic. no excuse for that.”

when i was studying in Australia, debate between Christianity and Islam was also done in uni, openly but controlled environment. questions on faith/fatwas/hukums etc are being collected in a box and discussed as well.

so responsible debates are healthy. condemnations are not.

Setuju.. Hormatilah keputusan mufti..
Ada sebab musabab yang telah dikaji oleh mereka yang bertauliah.. Kalau tak hormat mereka camne nak tegakkan agama… Wallahualam

agree.. kuffar and muslim have different view of daily activity that involved halal and haram in syarak.. dont ever questioning the rules of Islam..the firman from Allah s.w.t.. we have to obey it no matter what.. if dont..then dose and nerake come to us..

Its simple. Tapi ramai orang merumitkan keadaan. Dah tu kerja mufti. Ok apa mengingatkan pasal benda ni. Kang orang kata mufti tak wat keje plak. Aii.. ๐Ÿ˜•

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