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Don’t Meddle with Fatwa

The latest sizzling fatwa we have is “Pengharaman Pengkid” and “Pengharaman Yoga“. A few blogs have already published their thoughts on this matter, therefor, it’s my liberty to defend my stand.

Mosque Kuala Kangsar

Before I delve further into this topic, I suggest you read ImamKhalid’s explanation on mufti. I will not echo mufti’s role to prove my point.

When muftis agreed to ban pengkid and yoga, everyone wants a piece of the shattered glass. Truth is, you are meddling with Islam and you have no rights to tell me anything unless you’re huffing my grass.

If you’re a Chinese, you do not want to be sweeping the house during Chinese New Year (it’s like shoo-ing luck), similarly, if you’re a Hindu, it’s wrong to eat cow’s meat. Both are equally questionable. But your views may differ depending on ‘what’ you are.

Now my question, do you see us (Muslim) object these traditions/beliefs scrupulously? No. It’s your business and we respect that.

For Malaysians, race has always been a sensitive issue. Any distinctive odor of racist will surely ignite their subconscious genes. However, religion is a few pitch higher.

You are free to question the role of NEP, English as education medium, ISA or why no Gardenia bread in Sabah. Anything but religion. Why can’t you? Because you do not understand what’s it like to be in this shoe. I’m not saying it’s a burden, but one must embrace a religion as a whole and not sikit-sikit to grasp the concept.

Unlike the PM, mufti’s words are final and is only subjected to Muslim. So please fellow Muslims, understand that, Fatwa exists not to suppress your freedom, but to distinguish between right and wrong. Like it or not, you have to accept it, even if you think it’s written by a pious nerd.

And to non-muslim, please hold your punches. You don’t want me to be fondling your ma and likewise.

ps: I may have raised my voice, I meant every single word.

By NoktahHitam

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73 replies on “Don’t Meddle with Fatwa”

Jed, I meant to write to you soon but I was pretty much caught up with work.

Anyway, maybe I didn’t specify to whom I was referring to, my bad. I was actually ticked off when there’s some gathering questioning mufti’s decision, they were non-muslim. You could be right, that these non-muslim fought for their gfs.

It’s like dad-daughter thing. Dad says no. Then don’t do it or else you’ll be sleeping outside or reduce allowanced. In this case, dad = mufti, daughter being muslims, punishment = sin.

It’s a sin for muslim to spread hatred and false fact about others. I see no reason why muslims should champion Christian conversion (like the MJ conversion). Those kind of dakwah is totally unnessary. What does it prove? We are better than other religion? Please. Down right to the core, Islam is about submission to God.

If you ask other muslim, “why do they pray 5 times a day, when 1 is actually enough?” I’m sure not many can give you the right reason, including me. Then again like I mentioned above, it’s about submission. Giving your whole heart out without question. Like L-O-V-E, you don’t need a reason to love.

I do read the bible from time to time. Other than the basic ‘be good to others’, there’s is no new Do’s and Dont’s like fatwa. And I believe muslim don’t really like to comment about it, because we know very little about Christianity.

I will keep an eye on muslim meddling with other religions, mark my words.

Fatwa from the Majlis Fatwa should be treated with respect like Fatwa Pujangga.

In this modern day, it is funny that some group of men sitting together can think they have the answers to the world’s problem.

About pengkid, how does the Fatwa people intend to implement it in the states? Of course I like when girls wear skirts..the shorter the better! I too hate women in pants but the question is how do you determine that the person wearing the pants is a man or a woman?

The only way that JAIS or JAIP officers can determine it is by rubbing his crotch. If he can feels balls then he is a legitimate pants wearer.

If he feels smooth and indentation most likely the wearer is a Malay woman masquearading as a man!
Of course JAIS officers would prefer if she drops her pants to prove that she is a woman or a man..or Im getting confused myself.

Trust me, the taxpayers money have not been wasted millions paying the salaries of this knowledgable and pious Malayh men..

Luckily we have the internet…phew..pussies to last a life time…

Who have time to ponder whats beneath the pants these Malay women wear?

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Face it, Lyddia raya, Malaysia is a secular nation. Look at the last election results, a homosexual is now the opposition leader. πŸ˜† The Buddhist leftist Chinese is the government in Penang. 😑 A corrupt Malay is Mb in Selangor and pig farming is going big time in Perak and Selangor! πŸ‘Ώ

Nobody really wants Islamic theocracy like what the Fatwa people think, If Malaysians want ummah or addin they would have long voted for the fat Hadi party…but have they? No PKR and homosexuals and pengkids were voted in greater numbers.
So with globalisations, arabic religious influence will wane.
You can moan all day about how if only, if only the malays are better muslims etc..etc then the ummah will be strong and the non-muslims will respect. But the truth even the malays dont want the restrictive arabic lifestyles if not they would have chosen PAS like in Kelantan under the skull cap MB.

What more we the internet groupies..we are so free to see what we want read what we want say what we want, the days of theocracy is over.. :up: πŸ˜€

Sarah.. you are not wrong. only the questions to be asked is whether the Malays should lean on theocracy for the future.

All these while I thought Malaysia is a secular country with a constitution but the recent eagerness by these people in Fatwa to pass backdoor edicts on the malays doesnt augurs well for the Malays.

Natural we have natural respect for Muftis but they are after all government servants appointed by JPA.

They can pass opinions but these should not be enforced like what Syed Hamid has tried to do with the bin issue.

The Fatwa insist that Malays must use the bin or binti when the Arabs themselves will laugh at this stupidity. The Arabs have advanced like the European and Chinese to family names. And here the Malays going back to pre arabic times!! how stupid can that be?

Eg Osama bin Laden. The son is not obma bin Osama it is still bin Laden. Get it? Who says the fatwa guys are smart? They are orthodox and that is bad..bad for the malays…and malaysia.

Jipo ko sedih tak bertempat.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† ➑

Kalau ko sedih Anwar IBrahim homosexual jadi ketua pembangkang ketua segala pengkid hehe takpe juga.. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† :$:

Hehehe good one.. kena kan di orthodox people …actually they dont the religion thats why they depend on muftis..but these muftis are gov servants..who knows what sexual leanings some of them are..?

Hmm Nono.k thats an interesting pseudonym…it may mean nothing in sarawak of course but it means a lot to a malay man πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Too bad about people dont have respect for ulamas anymore.. it is the way things are now. Everyone is an expert and we with google at our fingertips is more knowledgable than any pc illiterate ulamas..we see more things..more exciting things..of course… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

It is time for a real change as Barack Obama will say. Time for change has come! πŸ˜†

Majlis Fatwa would have done better to issue edicts percentage of Hindus should not be increased in the Malay
Civil Service hahaha..

Hehehe good one.. Bongkers .kena kan these orthodox people …actually they dont know the religion themselves thats why they depend on muftis..but these muftis are just salaried gov servants..who knows what sexual leanings some of them have..? They are not maksum. πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ‘Ώ

Milli vanilli. you hit it right on the head when u said ” i argued that i don’t really master arabic, so to hafal made it very difficult.”

Islam is from the Arabs so is christianity, from the middle east. When the romans empire ruled, the romans sent middle east soldiers to england and vice versa to ensure loyalty. that was how christianity was spread to the european. then the european and the arabs embark on a crusade on each other each believing their religion was superior.

That is how 911 happened..the arabs still wanted to crusade against the europeans they killed 3, in us. And the europeans retaliated by killing 1 millions arabs in iraq.

If u bear that in mind and remembers that u are malay first..and arab second then u wont be confused.

Affuan..hak asasi pigi mampus…hehe ko ni ekstremis ugama islam betul ye….syabas…or puas.. πŸ‘Ώ ko dgn penulis blog ni sama je..hipokrits..hehe..

berani kerana benar beb. islam duk nombor 1, tiada yang dua atau tiga. hipokrit tu untuk org yang beri komen anonymous jek. aku x sebab aku berani expose diri sendiri. hehe.

hak asasi manusia kerap kalinya disalahgunakan oleh Barat untuk membenarkan apa yang salah. baca: disalahgunakan.

call us hypocrite? then you are a coward, mr anonymous.

yoga, and tomboy issue – it is all about muslim’s akidah. it isnt a less important issue. for one to be a good muslim, religion comes first before anything.

bong, you wont understand..

Fatwa selalunya diklasifikasikan sebagai ‘decree’ maknanya belum jadi satu hukum.

Selepas sesuatu perkara dah jadi fatwa. ia perlu melalui proses ijma.

Selepas Ijma baru sesuatu fatwa menjadi hukum.

dalam hal pengkid malaysia jer baru bincang. kena tunggu ulama negara lain dulu.

dalam hal yoga. mesir dan beberapa negara arab dah bincang dan ada dikeluar fatwa. jadi persoalan sekarang adakah pengharaman yoga dah jadi Ijma dan dah jadi satu hukum.

perkara haram-mengharamkan dan fatwa ni byk grey area mcm kes pengkid tuh. jadi ikut akal la.

Jangan buat lawak la. Dalam Islam, bukan hak seseorang itu amat dipelihara? Sebab itu tiada perhambaan dalam Islam. (contoh jer..).

Hak asasi, perlu mengikut lunas-lunas agama Islam. Itu aku setuju.

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