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Don’t Let Me Drown

I’ve decided, I will no longer write about politic here at NH. I will no longer be a loyal servant of Google’s SEO. You can go to or Bongkersz to read endless rants on politics. I figured I don’t need to be likable in the cyber world. So I’ll just stick to being the emo me.


Post 90’s favorite, Bic Runga. Definitely my evergreen song.Here

Sometimes, When you and I collide,
I fall into an ocean of you, Pull me out in time.

This is a continuity of Ninie’s recent post. I happened to stumbled upon my ex few months ago. It struck me, why didn’t it work out?

Was I too hard headed? Was I too demanding? Was I too pushy? Was I too emotional, sensitive at times? or was it just a fling not love?

Or was she all the above?

Love-dovey story is not my cup of tea (quoted). Somehow I’m just glad it didn’t work out (though I have yet to figure out the reason). Gut instinct? Yeah, that’s the Scorpio trait.

She’s now working for some multi-national bank and a part time model.

ps: I never liked showbiz girls, no matter how alluring they can be   ➡

pss: Back to work eddie! Dateline in 12 hours    🙄

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39 replies on “Don’t Let Me Drown”

akoo lak tertulis pasal politik walau xske. and akoo xtahu pun ape itu SEO. sape2 tgk source code page akoo pasti gelak sakan sbb akoo telah mengkudakan SEO. kui4x :halo:

ps: I never liked showbiz girls, no matter how alluring they can be!

a ah bro. cam shaiiit je show biz girls. setuju sgt dgn statement ko.

showbiz girl,too much glitters in her…stare at her too long and u’ll be blinded. and don’t forget dramatic divorce case…(kalau bercerai la….satu malaysia tau!)

doctor eh….have i heard it before somewhere…?

salam NH,sori lama tak lately.dah tak tulis pasal politik ek?bagus tu.skang kalau baca paper je ada article politik,terus skip.dah malas nak baca.mengarut dah jadinya.just curious,banyak dugaan ek ber’aweks’kan model ni? ❓

but… she’s just a girl who need someone like you to *lengkapkan ruang kosong dalam hati*. its just the same “story” with different ways …

pernah dgr tak org ckp:-
manusia ni, kalau bodoh, kita boleh pandaikan dia. kalau miskin, bole kayakan dia. tapi kalau penakut, sgt susah nak beranikan dia.

cantik… :up: dan ya.. selamatkan tapir pasal aku belum pernah nampak depan mata lagi… huhuhuu

tahniah kerana telah menyiapkan kerja anda.. dapat payment, ah bolehlah belanja milo ais satu kan? hihihihi

scorpio huh? must be born on november then. hehehe. 😥 OMG this songs remind me of those past. those were the days man. Gone have the golden moment of youth where you don’t really have to worry about things.

Nice song 🙂 the 80s and 90s are the golden ages for songs and MTVs, definitely. I feel sad for kids born nowadays who don’t get to experience the real feeling of rocking to the tunes of bubblegum pop and the contemporary rock…

Don’t feel bad about the relationship not working out the way you hoped it would be – since you mentioned your ex now works as a part time model, I believe you wouldn’t be comfortable with the attention and exposure she’ll be getting… take care!

You’ll love post 80’s and pre 90’s song. It’s the epitome of music before hiphop, rap etc.

I don’t feel bad about any relationship I’ve been through. At least I learnt something.

You’re right, I’m not comfortable with the extra attention. From unnecessary people.

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