Doctor In The Rain

So there you are,
Trenched in your white coat,
Waiting by the roadside,
Faithfully waiting for the rain to subside.

So here I am,
A canned coffee in my hand,
Sitting side by side,
Eagerly waiting for the rain to subside.

So there you are,
An umbrella in your hand,
You could easily walk to the taxi stand,
Yet you waited for the sun that’ll never shine.

So here I am,
Walking back and forth,
Pondering my doubts and worries,
When is grandma going to finish?

So there you are,
Looking at the dark grey sky,
Asking the reasons why.

So here I am,
Gasping for every reasons why,
Why the hell am I so shy.

A car came and parked,
She ran and caught her ride,
I squirmed my eyes to improve my sight,
I saw her husband’s inside.

And so I smiled,
Answering my questions why,
I guess it’s one of those days,
One of those unheard Autumn goodbye.

Bye doctor!

ps: Wondering, is this poem season? mating season? cuz everyone seems to be writing one.

pss: I write poem much quicker than a normal post.

psss: Too many open houses to attend. Next will be mine, hopefully.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

34 replies on “Doctor In The Rain”

do you want me to ruin this beautiful post?
i don’t have the liberty to i suppose.

i have something in my mind to expose,
on this great poem as the reading goes.

you waited for a doctor that never came,
but you will get one when you’re walking with a cane.

guess i’ll finish this rambling,
or else the readers’ wrath come rumbling πŸ˜†

poem season?mating season? autumn usually brings melancholic breeze with it.

“you waited for a doctor that never came,
but you will get one when you’re walking with a cane”.

i guess chicks dig man sporting a cane,haha. get one, i say.

betul kata callister tu. ja-at nya ko ehh.
tak pe eddie, kuat kan semangat! buat dek je kat life4hire tu. meh aku debik dia sekali. debish!! hehehe

haha bro..i know you won’t…but i thought being with a doctor is your mission in life…now it’s just a fantasy ? ko kawin…lepas tuh ko belikan baju doktor n patient la…. πŸ˜€

Aku cuma nak tunjuk aku ni ‘versatile’ blogger.. tulis apa karat pun boleh πŸ˜› Hahahahaha! Mana jiwang nyer.. just relating a dream. (added some words, thanks to my years of efforts reading Literotica – Warning! minors don’t google! Ahaks!)

Very very nice poem dude. Damn you are good at this.. (sempat said it’s easy.. ‘bragger’ haha!) I think writing poems is better than writing a post.. as people are free to ‘speculate’ and the imaginations run wild. A short moment Can be expressed beautifully in words by writing a poem, which if you put in a normal story form.. it may not sound interesting.

Well done! This post deserves a big big Clap! Please write more poems in future, probably Can have a special section dedicated for such posts next time.

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