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Do You Know Where This Is?

melodramatic sikit πŸ˜›

SomeoneFTP : Yes. This was the place we first fought
NoktahHitam : How does that make you feel?
SomeoneFTP : Sad.
NoktahHitam : Why so?
SomeoneFTP : Few days after that, you went away. When you came back, I was gone.

NoktahHitam : Where do I belong now?
SomeoneFTP : Trapped in here, but lost in memories.
NoktahHitam : That’s sad. Anything I can do?
SomeoneFTP : Nope. Hey, I have to go.
NoktahHitam : Go where?
SomeoneFTP : A place where you don’t belong…

This drenched pillow case woke me up. I gazed deeply into the 4 corners of my wall. I don’t see anything.

Firmly gripped in my palm, was a cherry flavored lip balm. I was really talking to Someone From The Past.

I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom. I cried in the shower. I remembered how I loved SomeoneFTP.

ps: Everybody wants to unwind the clock, I just want to stop it ➑

pss: It’s a sad story of a boy and his past πŸ˜₯

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

27 replies on “Do You Know Where This Is?”

make love, not war.. ehehe πŸ˜€
tp make love tu, double meaning πŸ˜€
πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

orang kata…
kalau dua-tiga kali duk ulang kepada diri sendiri “i am okay’ i am okay…” maksudnya itu amaran kepada diri sendiri…be okay…dan itu maksudnya jugak, kita tak berapa okay, tu yang duk warn diri sendiri, you have to be okay…

kau pulak ni..duk ulang i m relax. i am always relax…
(m not saying u r not okay though…)

tapi biasalah…sape tak pernah rasa down sekali sekala kan..

aishah’s last blog post..Good night and thank you…

I can always edit that, but I’ll leave there πŸ˜›

I left many typos and grammatical errors on other peoples blog. Feel shame too, what to do. My engrish is so-so

I’m sort of confused. so was it a dream? how come you have her lipbalm in your palm then? or were you holding her lipbalm before you go to bed? ❓

sorry if I’m asking too many questions but it seemed like she’s dead (or as if) and you were dreaming talking to her. Also, I’m sorry for saying that. πŸ™

Aisyah’s last blog post..Be Careful When Falling

I thought SFTP was secure file transfer protocol too! πŸ˜€

And I read that pss in Dilemma of a JPA Medical Student before I post any comment here … now I know who is SFTP – I’m sorry for your loss … and that reminds me of my late grandfather too πŸ™

melbie’s last blog post..Virus Tag!

SomeoneFTP : A place where you don’t belong…

that got me. πŸ™

i hate crying in my sleep and waking up to grief and unsettling reminders of memories you wished were long gone n forgotten..

well, hang in there buddy

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