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Decade of Resolution to Fulfill

In 2008, I wrote a decade resolutions. Let’s strike out things that I’ve done.

1. Get married. I know initially I wanted to get married to a doctor but God has better plan in store for me. I married a girl who’s ambition is to become an architect, something I’ve always wanted to be but never had the courage to pursue. My parents thought I’d be better off as an engineer.

Who would have thought I’d marry a blogger whom I followed. I guess it’s true what they say, follow your passion and the rest will fill in. I have to say, it was the best decision in 2011.

2. Have kids. Not yet. We think, the best way was to allow my wife to finish her study first. That will always be the priority, at least for now. But seeing her happy face while playing with A’zeem (my nephew) has kinda sped that up. At least after she gets her first job, inysa Allah it will be next year.

3. Financial freedom. Well, I still have a car to pay and my credit card debt is very manageable. I guess we’ll have to push this in years to come.

4. Finish what I started. Not there yet. I have a problem reading a book cover to cover. I got bored halfway through. Maybe I’m meant for this. As for projects,.. hmm still many pending at the moment. Got to get it done by this year! Puhleezzz ed!

5. Do wonders to Malaysia. Nil, but I do pay tax and zakat. That sure helps a bit, though not significant.

6. Solidify Existence. Hmm, still not taking up tertiary degree. It has a lot to do with finance. I have to free up something or get a scholar to pursue this dream of mine.

7. Be a good family member. I can control my temper now, except on the road. I try not to miss any family gathering. Maybe ought to pay extra attention to my in laws. I don’t talk to them often because I’m shy.. kot?

I guess that’s it 😉

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

3 replies on “Decade of Resolution to Fulfill”

I always thought that having resolutions is kind of wasting time in back then. But then I started to realize that without goal, objectives or resolutions, there’s nothing to give you the motivation to be the person that you want to be. I started to create some resolutions and fulfilled some of them.

I feel glad for you, bro 🙂

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