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Dear Iman

Iman is your name when you’re in the oven.

Yesterday, we went to check on you. You were swimming side to side. I immediately got off the couch and stood beside the doctor to have a better view of the screen. You were twisting, turning, giggling and most importantly you were having fun in mummy’s tummy.

The doctor measured your femur and head, you’re about 5 weeks. Your due date is on the 11th Nov, that’s 2 days away from me. I’m glad we can save on the cake 🙂

We also tried to peek at your gender. I am hoping for you to be a boy, because I would know how to play with you. If you’re a girl, I’d be a bit lost. My siblings are all boys, it’s only natural for me. Nevertheless, I’d love you whatever you’ll turn out to be. (We weren’t able to see your huha anyway)

Since we heard of your existence, I have change my way of thinking. I’ve learn to calm down and manage my emotions. I do not wish to raise my hand to you nor scream at the top my lungs. My view of the world changed. I want a better future for your sake.

Tomorrow, we’re going off to Krabi. Make sure you get enough rest and don’t eat too much dirt.

I can’t wait to see you.


ps: We’ve already got some toys for you 😉

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wow so sweet edwin. haha. trust me. dlu aku wish nk anak lelaki. sbb ank sulung better laki2. bg aku lah.
skali kuar baby girl. trus lupa.hahah. ala if kuar girl pn xpe sure kau tau mcm mana nk main dgn dia nt. kakaka.learn from KR hahah

hv fun in KRabi. i miss krabi.hehe

No point of raising your voice to kids. In fact no point of raising our voice to anyone at all. For me, raising voices are more to releasing your inner tension. It is good only for a moment, but then the result that we have to bear could be within the rest of our lives. We hurt people around us.

Just speak calmly to kids, especially. They will understand much better than screaming. Besides screaming just make us distance from them. Really sad when that happens.

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