Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, WTF?

When it first burst into Negaraku, I thought it was just a hoax. Turns out the he will be conferred Datukship on Yang DiPertua’s 70th birthday. WTF?

Shah Rukh Khan Datuk.
Credit: OhBulan

We’ve seen many delirious news surfaced this year, Anwar’s gimmick, Police rapist, RPK ISA’ed, Petrol Hike but this stupidity is a notch higher.

Rumour has it, Rosmah (First Lady In Waiting) is behind this. She’s fond of Bollywood industry.

I’m not against Shah Rukh Khan, for all I know, he is good (in his own way) at belly dancing, rolling down hill and acting. His datukship is surely a pit hole for aspiring entreprenuers and social workers who’s in dier thirst of the glorified honor.

So guys, forget about contributing and working your ass off for Malaysia. Just shake your booty, the Datukship will be at your doorstep.

So, who’s next? Salman Khan? AF stars? Mawi? Nabil? Elisha Cuthbert   ➡   😯

ps: Congrats to Shah Rukh Khan, can you teach your secret to hot lap dancing? It might earn me a Tan Sri.

pss: I don’t have anything against him, but I’m envious and so should you 😯


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  1. Elisha Cuthbert aku sokong kalo diaorg bg Datuk… ha ha

    *joke end*

  2. aku still x paham kenape dia dapat gelaran datuk tu.. freaking wired.. apa sumbangan dia kat negara ni..?? exspecially kat melaka la.. sampai dapat pangkat datuk tu.. hurm..

  3. tunggu die kawen aku, pastu jd msian, then org bagi die datuk 😛

  4. Aku pon minat Elisha Cuthbert… hoho.. x sangka, NH pon minat tuh…

  5. True story, but yet unimaginable thing. Datuk for Bollywood star? If Rosmah like him so much, just attend any his concert sudah lah…

  6. Y not Britney Spears??? Tengah hot with womanizer now..


  7. apparently, Rosmah attends all his concert 😮

  8. she showed her Puss*, it’s clearly a bad example.

  9. what a STUNT. i never get the whole idea of Shah Rukh Khan’s datukship!

    ohh Elisha Cuthbert…. (i am NOT a lesbian)

  10. Ali Rustam(some call ketam) said SRK had shown the world the beautiful of Melaka when the bollywood crew do a filming around Melaka town.. A Famosa. Kind of tourism. Haha. This is very ridiculous, at first i thought it just ‘main2’ when i saw in a forum about this matter but today i saw SRK Datukship in local newspaper! Terkejut aku. I also heard that he cannot attend to receive the Datuk title(for him, pinch of salt-lah). Surely this will put shame to all Datuk2 in Malaysia.

    Jodie Foster should get Datuk too, Anna & The King?

  11. i vote for nabil! at least he want to beat KJ [source from ET]

    😀 😀

  12. wallaaaa…. SRK dapat Datuk??? ermm…dah tak der org malaysia lagi dah ke nak d kasik title Datuk tu…. *wondering*

  13. err… aku pun nak title tu leh? :kiss:

  14. this is hilarious!
    and this a real malaysia kini… we were concentrating on a stupid things lately. bodoh gila.. apa la nak jadi. macam playful gila je..

  15. 😕 this is stupid. and, datukship is soo overrated.

  16. “pss: I don’t have anything against him, but I’m envious and so should you ”

    that certainly seems the case!! 😀

  17. Pakcik aku yang baru Naib Canselor UNIMAS pun tak dapat Datuk..
    Walaupun dia tak ngajo kat Melaka tapi kelahiran Melaka.. Rasa lagi banyak sumbangan dari Shahrukh Khan tu…
    Maboklah diorang ni..

  18. Congratulation SRK…. :mrgreen:

  19. Kalau Shah Rukh Khan dapat Datuk…

    aku nak tunggu Sean Connery dan Catherine Zeta-Jones lak dapat datuk 😛 sebab dorang berlakon dekat twin towers ahahahaha 😎

  20. sebelom tahu reason
    100% marah

    selepas tahu reason bagi datuk
    “The movie One 2 ka 4 was shot at the A Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah in 2001.

    “This resulted in many people visiting Malacca. The award was given in recognition of this,”

    80% marah

    hmm…tapi bagi datuk tu over sgt la.. a simple acknowledgment in Indian press from Msia government would be enough…and a map,because people are saying he doesn’t even know where Malacca is..haha.

    bagi Datuk ni ada dpt duit skali ke?

    yup setuju dgn yg lain..how about Jodie Foster (Anna & the King), Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Entrapment),etc.?

  21. hehe..out of topic: should it be “pps,ppps..” and so on as they get longer? as in post-post-post-script? i also not sure..

  22. aku dah tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi. sad but true. haha

  23. ps = post script
    pps = pre post script
    ppps = pre pre post script.

    I use pss because it reminds me of someone I really miss.

  24. bod doh punya ketua menteri..

  25. memula terbaca this article on paper agak terkejut juga, huhu terasa negara kita akn ditertawakan oleh mereka …

    EL:aku nak tunggu Sean Connery dan Catherine Zeta-Jones lak dapat datuk sebab dorang berlakon dekat twin towers ahahahaha

    lol 😛 ha-ha

  26. akoo pemfollow ko je. nmpk cantik pss.

    psssst: kagum kagum! 😀

  27. tu ler pasal.die dh la orang luar…dpt plak datuk…ader ker orang kter dpt gelaran yg hampir same kt luar tu

  28. Tuan,

    Sampai saat ini walaupun saya telah menulis artikel khas bertajuk “Tahniah Datuk Shah Rukh Khan” saya masih tidak percaya berita yang saya dengar dari media perdana tanah air. Saya masih tidak berhenti berharap agar Bernama mengeluarkan “Ralat” kerana tersalah lapor ataupun tersalah tulis “Nasir Bilal Khan” sebagai “Shah Rukh Khan”.

  29. WTH. This has got to be a joke. =.=”He’s not making any sense, is he? Senang2 je boleh dapat Datuk. Huhu.

  30. Aku tak tau dia dapat duit atau tak..
    Tapi nak suruh dia datang tu rasanya kena pakai duit kot…

  31. nk jugak promote n berbangga dgn pakck dia…aduhh…..low-life lah lu

  32. hey SRK if u’re reading tis back n yeiinndiiiaa(did i spell it right??)…f* u n ur movies are all shit. its a shame tht malaysians 4 long hv been blinded by the charm of bollywood even if the movies are all shit n smelly. Again, F**** u SRK and all Bollywood so-called megastars.

    CHEERS everybody

  33. & F* u too who are stupid as hell to downgrade the title datuk even further..rotten to the core. Bahlul….

  34. Bonggo (or Bongok?), you have a death wish?

  35. aku masih xleh pk dengan waras la apa reason dia dapat datuk..

  36. Elisha Cuthbert pun aku sokong 😛

  37. It’s so ridiculous to suggest SRK for datukship, it’s more insulting that he obviously doesn’t care much about the title (he didn’t attend the function), now I heard some idiots planning to held a special function to present him the title?

    Heard it was Daim’s idea to award SRK.

    What next? All the foreign artists/moviestar ever came to Malaysia/ shot their movies here? Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta Jones next in the line then.

    Ali Rustam probably had his hands in this, he’s the CM right? Another racist, dungu fella.

  38. It’s stupid. It’s commercialized. It’s no longer exclusive. Anyone can get a Datuk then, as long as it pleases ‘some’ people.

    I still don’t get it, why Shah Rukh Khan? How does he even qualify? I read the articles with hopes to understand but they were just celebrating his Datukship and never explained why. Anyone knows how does one get awarded Datuk?

    ps: It’s equivalent to ‘Sir’ in England isn’t it?

  39. Hey it’s not his fault…

  40. lol, mana tau SRK tu cucu cicit parameswara ke, haha

  41. IF and only IF SRK came and received his honour, which is later published in Bollywood News, I can probably accept. Helps tourism, why not?

    SRK didn’t or couldn’t be bothered about the datukship, where are we left? Hanging on the noose?

  42. I think so. But Sir is accepted worldwide, Datuk is like a medal of honor.

  43. i addressed my heavenly sent insults n taunts to whom that sow the seed of all these nonsense…giving away a datukship to a non-entity(opinion akula SRK ni…). 😛
    i don F* u but i F* u’ed to u-know-who-they-are.

  44. No sir,

    SIR = TUN

    other Malaysian-made titles (datuk,dato’, tan sri, datuk amar, etc) pales in comparison.

  45. :up: malaysia memang best, srk dpt datuk, pegi kementah nak buat loan, memang logik tol msia ni… nanti suh jackie chan ngan the rock pun bagi datuk gak..

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