Serious Matters


I’m sure we will hit the crossroad eventually. My time has come.

I have worked for 5 years in this organization. I have seen people come and leave, the good and bad of managers, the failing strategies, the lazy execution, the de-moralizing team and more. I can look at the numbers, opportunities, data, and gut feeling again and again, but is the grass really greener outside? Or yellowish of the same nature? Recession is coming. People stop buying houses. Purchasing power has declined.

The big question is, should I pack my bag or endure this?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

3 replies on “Crossroad”

You’re probably not AT the crossroad yet. You’re probably still approaching the crossroad. It could take you until tomorrow, the week after or another 8 months before you reach it and forced to decide. Hold on, keep assessing, pray and you will find the answer. 😉

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