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Congratulations and Good Luck Mr. B

5 events, 1 weekend. But I only attended 3.

B, do you remember the time you were my obedient practical student? You’d follow me everywhere, do everything I told you to do and never questioned my decisions. Easily my all-time favorite disciple.

B, do you remember we rode a kapchai around town and sang to 4U2C’s Fiona for the 17875th time? People in the car must think we’re crazy or some sort of temporary illness.

B, do you remember we ran around the rugby field a like bunch of idiot? Although we were playful, no one could pass us. We even try-ed with many handsome moves.

B, do you remember the time we hang out from 6 pm to 4 am at Mali’s Corner? Talking about all aspect of life. It was one of those never ending conversations but we had to end it, we have work 4 hours later.

B, do you remember the long drive to JB? We fogged the car, it was the first time you ever did such thing and you said, “indah gile”. Thank God, those aren’t weeds.

B, do you remember the time you cried when I snatched the girl of your dream within 48 hours? I was ready to take a blow from you, but you insisted on keeping your fist to yourself.

B, do you remember the time you broke in tears when your mom passed away? You couldn’t shed those tears in front your sisters, you needed to be strong for everyone.


Congratulations and Good Luck Mr B. on marrying the girl of your dream.

B, regardless how you look up to me (or down), you know one thing for sure. I envy you in many ways.

ps: Gemok, hitam, pendek tapi kacak. Hahaha 😮

pss: B stands for “Bagak”, berdada bidang and not Black.

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27 replies on “Congratulations and Good Luck Mr. B”

haiceh.. saspen je…

sekali pandang i though B is for baby, as in, baby bucuk ke. haha. salah paham.

anyway, tahniah mr B!

NH got me too. Celake…aku mati2 ingat awek mana, sampaila terpandang muke Abg Zahairinizal tu…


kengkawan dah maju kedepan, penulis bila lagi!? hehe.

tahniah kpd mr b! badan bagak macam beliau pasti digeruni ketika beraksi di padang rugby. posisi apa eh?

ps – rindu pula nak beraksi bermain rugby. hu3.

sweet, soft, tender…what else can describe the females better than cakes?

…and cupcake means cute.

Spanar awek member? LOL! Kejam shiet. But that adds to the colourful memories, no?

Congrats, Mr. B.

Aku nak tukar nama jadi Mr. B jugak lah. Bunyi macam gaya… best!

ps: Aper jadi dengan awek yang ko spanar tu? 48 jam dapat, tahan berapa lama? 😀

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