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Congratulation Petronas! No. 8 in the World

I’m sure most of you are wondering about my absence. Unfortunately, I’m still alive. Just tired of blogging.

Petronas Top 10

Petronas as many of you know, need not a fabulous introductory. Thanks Hassan Merican, you put another bling on Malaysia’s name.

Others whom fall behind Petronas,

12. Toyota Motor | 15. Microsoft | 18. Vodafone | 20. Petrobras | 46. Nestle

Or you can just visit the CNN website.

Now is the time for you to focus on your social obligations, other than giving away hot cars (which I think isn’t really hot, Ariel Atom is way hotter). And if you could, drop the F1 sponsorship and help the flying sikh.

ps: I’m sure my Petronas pals are gonna brag about this. Now where is that racing ear plug of mine? 😮

pss: Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. (4 days weekend was boring, now get back to work!)

psss: And maybe Hassan, you can hire me to build a new website for Petronas :kiss: (wishful thinking 😮 )

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19 replies on “Congratulation Petronas! No. 8 in the World”

petronas belongs to the ministry of finance…. aka belongs to the rakyat…. now…. what do we get out of this….

hehe… i am just being realistic.

Yea. Top 10. But why it is damn hard to get the cool cars when they are having Car Craze thingy? Oh. Maybe I am not that lucky.

Ok..ok.. I am not that lucky!

Petronas can’t drop F1 – its a brand presence strategy. you need that to compete in international retail. F1 involvement is way cheaper than advertising in plenty billboards in the whole wide world.

Plus, with F1 and motorsports, Petronas can sign many deals with OEM to market their lubricants = hence more money for Petronas. Without F1, Petronas won’t be able to sign with OEM BMW lately.

It’s meant to introduce e.g. Synthium to foreigners and all other BMW users (if they asked BMW, what kind of lubricant they are using). BMW also pays Petronas for each bottle used at their service stations.

It’s strategically inclined my friend, to the business. Not just to show how glamour Petronas is in F1. You may want to know more about Petronas Motorsports’ activities before commenting as such.

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