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Compiling Stories

We’ve all established that I like writing sappy stories. But where will that lead me?

I’ve made up my mind, by year end, I’ll compile all the touchy stories from day one and maybe publish it. Of course it won’t be a paperback issue, I’m too green to do that (nor do I have to capacity to do that).

I know most like Makcik Kerepek. I’ve even discussed with Bong about producing a short clip for BMWshorties. Unfortunately, we had no resource, no casts, no makcik, no equipments but plenty of kerepek. But that’s that.

So, if you have any particular writing you like (which are not mine), feel free to leave in the comment area. For the time being, I’m thinking of writing more of this genre.

Chicken Soup for Malaysian Soul? Beehh… overrated!

ps: Shesh.. I’m supposed to be this egoistic blogger, but I turned out the other way around. I guess no one can hide their true colors, even in the cyber world! Happy 1st of July!

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12 replies on “Compiling Stories”

woot…great idea…any free end product for me later? haha..

i have some ideas on similar stuff…but no time to make anything out of them….need to quit my night job for that sole purpose! :vangry:

Know what Ed, I dono bout anyone else, but sometimes ur stories and ur acts reflects others. Few weeks back I had my regular jog in Puchong, when I finish my lap exhausting, suddenly and old Chinese uncle in worn out clothes appear right beside my car out of nowhere handing over his empty plastic cup.

I guess being in a regular gesture to decline such approach. I declined that poor guy. Then I recalled ur ‘Makcik Kerepek’ story. Feeling so disgust of every fiber in me, I quickly crank my car n look for that uncle. I managed to find him after driving around for 5 minutes. Quickly I rush to him and call him, he was scared as if I’m gonna beat him up. I call him nicely and that is when I realized I don’t have my wallet since I’m staying near. Being out of option I grab his plastic cup and pour all of the coins from my coin drawer. I told the uncle sorry cos that is least I could do. He then walks away in smile and said ‘torcey’ many times.

I know the deeds done might be such a cliché, but my point here, even though u r having this egoistic blogger stuff here, but above all, u still have heart, and it reflects. Thanx.

ps: Sorry I said too much here, nuff said then.

ok apa. memula aku camtu juga. tapi lelama macam ada something wrong.

yg penting hati baik, niat ikhlas. that’s all.

ps – terpengaruh dengan kekerasan rugby ke bro!? he3

Don’t be sorry!

I’m glad it reflects your self conduct. I hope in the future, you can influence people around you to do the right thing. I’ve always believed there is good in every people (except child molester & rapist ).

Truth be told, I don’t really get the essence of this entry. Correct me if I’m wrong, are you suggesting that you are going to compile the collection of your short stories and will be published here in your blog?

Or, are you looking for others’ short stories and compile it together with yours?

Ooh pardon my lack of understanding. RAM rendah, processor pulak kaput. Huhu. Seasoned la katakan. 🙁

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