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COD for Tokina 12-24mm

I have always wanted an Ultra Wide Angle lens. I think it fits my photography style since I like taking pictures of sceneries. It took me 2 years to figure what kind of photos I like taking.

Anyway, yesterday I went to COD, that’s Cash on Delivery for you noobs. The lens was perfect, so was the price. However, after several test, I noticed the lens couldn’t go beyond f5.0 at 12mm. This is an issue, because if you want a fine print, you need smaller aperture. Bigger aperture gives you bokeh.

My brother has the same lens. He said it is a common problem, USM motor error. I did my own research and stumbled upon the same problem. The common problem isn’t the motor, it’s the flatcable. It stretches too much and finally breaks.

Too bad, it was the cheapest pre loved lens out there.

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