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Change is Good

When I was young, I used to remember criticizing mature adults on how they’re slow when it comes to technology. I guess my time has arrived to be one of those mature cream cheese.

It’s not that we can’t keep up, it’s just that we have too many things going on in our lives and everything else remained stagnant. I am for once, not accustomed to change. If it works for me, why change? One of the greatest example is my wordpress version (this blog engine), still at 2.3.3, presently, 2.8++.

Yesterday, I was pretty much upset at something. It’s all a misunderstanding, but I couldn’t careless about deriving the details. Instead, I blurted on Facebook in hope that person reads it. What’s the point of raising your voice to a hard boiled egg? I desire diplomacy, so I am giving it.

I tweeted AzmanIshak for a copy of Windows7. Though he was probably getting ready to sleep, I somehow managed to lure him in the middle of the night for a short “Ngeteh” session (teh tarik, he drank hot choco -_- ). Not only he gave me a free DVD copy, he also paid for the drinks. “Padanlah abg Man ni mantap!” – Hahaha.

10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours. I still couldn’t find the missing pieces necessary to install the new OS. Was it SATA problem? AHCI? RAID? Not too sure myself. All I know is, it’s not working to my liking. Like a grumpy old man, I gave my PC one mean stare and waited. “Ready for Installation”. Urgh! All I needed was a little more patience!


So boys and girls, I present to you Windows7.

I am still finding my ways around it, so no technicalities here ok? If you’d like, you can go to SembangKomputer or InfoMalaya.

ps: I admire the work Microsoft put into this product. It’s amazingly user friendly and web designer safe. Me LOIKE!

pss: Aeropama, heard about the news. I hope you get well soon. Been a while since we last had drinks together. Bile lagi nak melebam sambil kutuk Lochoe?

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32 replies on “Change is Good”

nak melebam kutuk lochoe ajak i skali once i dah baik okek! banyakkk sangat i nak kutuk dye ni. muahaha~

ps; tertidow sbb buhsan tgk u stare je dkt windows7 tu. bukan nak pandang i. *wink wink* 😛

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“I guess my time has arrived to be one of those mature cream cheese.”

terkejut gile bila buat popquiz psl entertainment , (jz wasting our time on saturday schoolday) budak2 tak kenal BSB n britney spears!

are we dat old??? erghh~

haha, off topic jap. terasa ade kaitan. :p

owh..igtkan dh kuar yg ori sbb kat US rasanya dh kuar. pastuh sebelum ni ada offer bagus dr microsoft…sapa2 yg pre-order windows 7 perlu byr $50 je dr harga asal $119..pastuh sebab review windows ni bagus..byk gak la org yg order..(kat,amazon europe,..masuk top 10 list)..aku igt offer tu ada gak kat Asia..

Tu la, setakat ni Pre-Order je. Tapi aku rase, tunggu dulu la. Sekarang ni salah satu problem besar ialah Photoshop. Semua version macam slow je. Dah la photoshop tu penting utk aku.

Windows 7 Ultimate = USD 219 Tak masuk akal harge die.

welcome to da club of win 7 ultimate… aku sarankan ko guna 32bit nya la kalo byk masalah soft… alhamdulillah stakat ni aku takde probs agi even guna adobe master collection cs4.. goodluck!

kajang.. kdg2 balik usj subang jaya.. skrg aku dah siap burn 5 dvd windows 7 ultimate all in one (32bit & 64bit) untuk dipost kepada pelanggan2 yakni blogger gak.. tapi kene buh cas utk dvd n postage la..

Ni apahal ni nak kutuk aku ni… marah ah ni.. hahaha… biarlah aku dihina atau dicaci, kerana diriku begitu berharga… hari ni aku poser, xde mood nak marah.. chow

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