Cepat Sampai

I had to rush to send a friend back to able to be on time for a meeting.

It was a heavy stream of traffic, everyone just got off work. Thankfully, Duke‘s there to save the day. I managed to send that friend and be on time for the meeting. I hate waiting for people, likewise, have people wait for me.

It was hard to push the old lady to 150kmh, somehow I got her rolling to 190kmh.

Upon arrival, I sent a text message saying how sorry I was about my driving attitude. (Not many fancy left-right-hard-braking maneuvers). The last time I did that, my ex puked all over my G2000, but that was 2 years ago.

Anyway, she replied, “Takpe, seronok naik kereta dgn you”.

“Seronok?”, pure puzzlement.

“Yup. Cepat sampai.”


Moral: Don’t drive with your girlfriend on the passenger seat. You’ll love her less when she spills her tummy content all over your face.

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cepat sampai pun seronok? orang nak lama lama. baru best.

err…aku maksudkan cerita kau memandu tu. lama memandu baru puas bersembang. menikmati pemandangan. tengok isi alam.

serius. aku maksudkan itu. serius.

My normal speed at the freeway ranging from 120-140kmph.

I have tried 160kmph before. On a bike.

If you were to simulate the experience on top of Everest, ride your bike super fast. Phewwww. Nice~

Hahaha.. if it was that friend of your, gerenti my kaki will pijak2 brek yang takde kat seat tu.. hahaha.. pastu lepas turun kereta mesti rasa lenguh kaki.. padahal org lain yang bawa kereta.. hahaha~!

Yes, I love sitting in your car. Remember you mencilok-cilok on Jalan Ampang, at peak hour. Memang cepat sampai! Bagus!

Like always, skillful driving is more important, not the speed, and NH definitely a good driver 🙂

No, I’m not NH bf. Just a passenger. 😀

ps: Why aku bunyi mengampu jer in this comment… LOL!

I don’t get angry at people easily, especially the ones who’s sick. It was also my fault for driving like a mad man. We stopped at a petrol station. I changed my cloth (luckily baru balik from shopping). It smelled like vomit la, disgusting but still bearable.

I got my car detailed the next day.

If there’s a moment of gentlemanhood in my living life, that was the time I shined.

Thanks for sharing this story..
Sounds like a good way to know if the person you’re seeing has a temper..I definitely will consider this trick in the future..

Cepat sampai tu la yg bagus. Provided drive with care la. Dan tak kena saman 😛 Dlm otak awal2 set kena bawa slow, but once the car is moving..lupa daratan jap. Asyik nak kena cepat sampai je..padahal dah terlebih awal bergerak. Maybe its because of the adrenaline rush or..ntah. Bila pikir balik.. cilok sana sini, laju bagai kilat pun..still akan tetap di belakang kereta org gak. Cuma..cepat sampai. Ye. Cepat. I like.

Once, on a freeway from Bangi to Nilai, many yonks ago. It was not a big bike after all. Just a plain unmodified RXZ my neighbor lent me.

Owh. I clocked that 160kmph riding down the hill. For a good 20 seconds. Then back to 100kmph.


Ganas. Freeway 160kmh. You managed to simulate Mount Everest. I never dared riding at that speed. I’ve seen bodies split in two before. So no extreme biking for me.

Zara, when ever I’m on the highway, I was never overtaken.

“akan tetap di belakang kereta org gak” – mesti la, takkan kete lembu plak? Relatively, kereta lain².

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