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Celcom LG Optimus 7

Celcom LG Optimus 7 1

(not Optimus Prime from Transformers)

The other day, I reviewed together with AzmanIshak, Roslan and Blowie on the HTD HD7, a new phone OS from Windows. It was nothing short of awesome. Today, I’m here to announce the cool Optimus 7 brought over by Celcom.

Optimus 7 is the first lineup of LG phone with Windows 7 installed. Here’s your chance to own one!

Celcom LG Optimus 7 2
(pic from Engadget)

Now, we all can agree, that no one can go out without a mobile phone these days. But what about other devices, such as laptops, dSLR and PSP? They’re too bulky to lug around. Hence the need for All-in-One phone!

Celcom LG Optimus 7 3

Celcom is the one telco that constantly brings you the latest phones with the best deals. The latest unbelievable deal is a chance to be the 1st few in Malaysia to enjoy the 1st Windows Phone 7 device – LG Optimus 7. This will be available starting 24th November and for a limited time only, the 1st 150 customers can get the phone for only RM777 (the retail price is RM 2099).

What you need to do now, is register online (note: 1st 150 customer) to be eligible for the RM77 purchase. Redemption of the phone will be early-December at selected BlueCube outlets.

You can register via, and (Only selected customer will be notified).

Celcom LG Optimus 7 4

Other than the standard Windows Phone 7 devices, LG Optimus 7 offers DLNA-based Play To, augmented reality (AR) and Voice-to-Text, Scan Search, mobile entertainment XBOX live & Zune and a phone that connects to your Facebook contacts flawlessly!

Celcom LG Optimus 7 5

LG Optimus 7 also spots 720p HD recording and playback, 5MP camera, huge 3.8 inch WVGA LCD display, 16GB internal memory and 1500mAh removable battery for hours of browsing and fun. Since it’s running on Windows platform, application such as Words, Excel and Powerpoints comes as standard.

There are two deals you can op for; Celcom Exec Postpaid plans & Celcom Biz Plan

SPECIAL DEAL for the first 150 customers who sign up via the Online Promo!

Celcom Exec Postpaid plans or Biz 148
Celcom LG Optimus 7 6

For those who miss out on the first 150, you can still get the phone at great affordable prices by signing up for the Normal Package Plan below (12 or 18 Months Contract)!

Available by early December!

Celcom LG Optimus 7 7

Celcom LG Optimus 7 8

Why Celcom Exec 50?

Get connected with Celcom from as low as RM50 a month!
The plan with automatic discount up to 30% every month!

The more you use; the more you save. It’s as simple as that. If you find that prospect appealing, then the Celcom Exec 50 plan is definitely the plan for you.
More reasons why you should choose Celcom Exec 50:

  • 15sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated; just a simple rate to all numbers
  • Automatic discounts every month.
  • Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month
  • Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
  • FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps
  • Be part of the BEST with the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network in the country

Why Celcom Biz P148?

  • Enjoys FREE and unlimited internet access with speed of up to 3.5GX, to enhance your mobility
  • Only 10sen/min for call to any network
  • FREE and unlimited email usage
  • FREE 50 hours Executive pax voice and video calls
  • 2sen/ SMS within network with SMS pack option
  • FREE monthly itemized bill

ps: Honestly, I think Windows Phone 7 will kick iOS4’s ass

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Variety can only be good after the glut of Android devices to supplement the iOS from Apple. The device should still be considered as a late beta for the time being, and we shall see how the 7 fit into the scheme of things. Watch this space!

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