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Celcom iPhone Launch

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Celcom iPhone Launch 1

Last year, I attended Maxis iPhone launch. It was super crowded and it went pretty late to 2-3 am in the morning. Today was the same thing, despite launching a year later. It was good to note that all telco are now at par. So nobody is really edging when it comes to peranti (LOL).

Celcom iPhone Launch 2

BeautifulNara with Daphne Iking (I don’t know her Muslim name)

Celcom iPhone Launch 3

And then Zalman announced..

Celcom iPhone Launch 4

We all ran outside and got our numbers. I got no 001! How kiasu LOL.

Celcom iPhone Launch 5

Err. I forgot this chic’s name. But she’s like me, contemplating on buying when we heard the deal. Maybe @mimipie can enlighten me on the name.

Celcom iPhone Launch 6

Bloggers posing with their numbers. I texted Yam about the free phone, he jumped out of bed and rempited to get the deal. Abg Nara got his two.

Celcom iPhone Launch 7\

Happy people!

I was planning on getting one two for myself until I heard the catch. I need to subscribe both iPhone to 24 months plan (I’m leaving for Aussie next year), I have to get two new Celcom numbers (I can’t port my number from my DiGi). But of course that is understandable, they have to make a living too. I guess it just wasn’t my day. Also, not a big fan of iTune.

ps: Thanks for the Invitation NuffNang

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12 replies on “Celcom iPhone Launch”

it’s ok, if we can always get it in Aussie if we have some extra cash. Plus, it’s cheaper there if you subscribe. actually, I’m not even sure if I want it, since you gave me an iPod. So, I’d prefer an android or a bb phone. hahah.

btw who’s the girl? I think i’ve seen her somewhere. a blogshop.. or a blog. maybe. hahah

A blog kot? Ntah. But she’s nice and speaks good Malay. I kinda respect non-malay having good command of our language. Mat salleh je blagak nak mampus.

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