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Celcom dan Facebook Status Update

It’s been weeks since I received the Facebook sms thing. Every week Celcom will charge me RM 1 for one week of SMS update usage. The problem is, I didn’t subscribe to this! Sh*t man, I ran away from Maxis because of this crap, hidden charges.

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So I called the call center to get rebates for this unnecessary non sense. I explained to him in great length that I am pissed off, after all, I do have a data plan, why the hell would I need an FB sms update? That’s plain stupid. He told me, he can’t refund. That’s so fucking stupid! I know it’s only a small amount to be creating a fuss, but I fucking hate companies that cheat for money.

I may be a victim of RM 5, but think about the other 10 million users? What if 10% are victims like me? thats RM 5 million of money.

Despite all this, the call center guy was really polite.

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hey anonymous, perhaps u shouldnt be reading this blog because obviously u dont understand English. Or u just cant think critically.

he said, “I may be a victim of RM 5, but think about the other 10 million users? What if 10% are victims like me? thats RM 5 million of money.”

Look at the bigger picture. You can be all the fool you want, but some people dont take shit for nothing.

Salam wbt, I suggest you do a report to mcmc/skmm cc to celcom. Aku pernah kena dgn maxis, celcom… even a ringgit or two, I made the reports. And mcmc memang efektif. Within 24 hrs (normaly less than 24 hrs) they will call to assist you. … and within few hours the above telcos pr will call you… guess what… time tu ko belasah apa pun depa ‘yes sir’x3…we appologise… Cause when mcmc behind us, they probably x mau ada bad repo with mcmc. Yes… within 48 hrs – 72 hrs dpt balik every single cent. Dah terbukti buat aku dlm 3 – 4 cases… which including case as low as 2.50 claim bila reload celcom kena deduct 4 no ekor charge. Any problem with, telco, astro, tm… try them. 5 star feedback mereka… tabik to mcmc/skmm.

I felt so cheated. I have highlighted this issue a few times to the customer service department and yet the issue has not been resolved. I hope this issue will be resolved before i go over to launch a further complaint and publicize celcom hidden charges to the media. I have received constant SMS on FB sms,charges Rm1/week whereby i’ve never subscribed and my account has been charged RM5 thus far, i mean why the hidden charges, when i’ve never subscribed to this? I never bother about initially cause it’s from a 32665 Number and not from Celcom, but eventually found out that it’s from Celcom. Please rectify this issue asap! Thanks!I want this unscrupulous charges to be abolish from my account asap. Before i take further action by reporting to the police and to the media, even though it’s a small charges, what if it’s being charged to a Million Celcom users? The above is my letter of complaint to Celcom. I’ve contacted the Celcom Customer Service Center and requested to speak to their supervisor,awaiting their response to abolish these charges.

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