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Celcom 100 Days, 100 cars = Haram

I got this from KNizam, thanks to Negaraku.

Directly from Perlis Mufti, Dr Mohd Asri’s Blog. Celcom 100 days, 100 cars is haram.

100 Days, 100 Cars Celcom

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i’ve heard it before about the haramness… huhhu…
its based on luck kan? urmm…
but…but… about i saw orang melayu yang menang setakat ni. Hehehe… they surely said it because of their rezeki.

RM5 satu sms pula tu…adeiii~

oh, i read it this morning.. boring nothing to do, read the star, berita harian and the star. 😀

hmm… you know those ‘games’ they have on tv? those interactive games, where you can sms or call in.. offering lot of prizes or money if you manage to answer the questions.. and many dubious sms games/services, no action taken by respected parties.. (MCMC?) i bet many youngsters/kids or desperados lost a lot of money playing those games..

I rarely watch TV, and most of the time when I do.. I’ll be watching the Cartoon channels on Astro hehe .. else, it’ll be Sport, Travel & Food channels … 😛

Newspapers? Huhuhu… I just go to online news, and browse through the headlines and read the full stories of certain news that I’m interested in… that’s why is really handy for me! :up: LOL

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For people who only view the celcom contest from the outside will always accuse celcom is wrong to held those kind of contest .. we tend to give comment based on our shallow mind.. but the minute we manage to win one of the car, we will definitely forget whether the contest is ‘haram’, illogical, too-expensive bla bla.. for goodness sake, everybody is trying to be on the win-win situation here.. celcom needs the profit to give out the car cos obviously money doesnt grow on trees.. why do we often give bias comment? why can’t we see it from both sides? we are being ridiculous if just know how to condemn certain things.. just look at the bright side.. and don’t blame other people if they win those cars.. cos we are being sourgrapes if we blame them.. just admit that we are jealous!

Haram is haram. It’s forbidden by the religion. Just like eating pork.

I agree, some of us may envy the winners. But when talking about a religion, one must abide to the rules. If not, it’s pointless to belong in a religion.

semuanya kerana leader…kalau leader tak bagus..benda-benda tak bagus akan keluar…dulu leader ni kat salah satu stesyen TV …but that TV Station was not doing well…sekarang jadi leader kat Celcom pulak..sekarang di adakan contest ini…nak tau tak sekarang sape2 tak bayar cost yg masuk contest tu..talian phone nya disekat…logik ke kalau seseorang itu contoh nya menggunakan hanya RM 5 sahaja utk SMS contest tu dan sekiranya tunggakkan bil semasa beliau katakan RM500 dan masih lagi belum over limit…patut ke kerana dek RM5 talian nya disekat??? cuba pikir…adakah Celcom tgh pokai sekarang dan cuba mendapatkan cash segera dari org ramai? tolong komen sikit…dan sedarkan leader di Celcom tu

tolong letak lagu billy talent….
dalam senarai”call me tones”……..
please………………………. 😥

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