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Cause of Flyover Flood, Littering Motorist

It seem like there’s no ending to remedy this flood on the flyover right across the office, who to blame? The littering motorist or poor flyover design?

The evening pour was heavy with clashing lightning and clapping thunders, it’s a horrendous time to be on the road. Soon after the rain stops, flood on the flyover was visible from the building. A couple of motorist was its first victim, a car and a bike got stalled. Unfortunately for the car, it failed to start, which means water has entered the engine. That requires overhaul.

Cause of Flyover Flood, Littering Motorist 1

A truck load of MPSJ workers (I think), extracted the trash that was clogging the drainage. From what I saw, there was a polystyrene pack, water bottles, woods, plastic bags, soda cans and box drinks. Now, who the f* is stupid enough to throw out these rubbish while entering a flyover? I am deeply saddened by the lack of intellectual portrayed by our people. What have they learned from school? What have we been teaching our kids these days?

If you’re a parent, teach your kids some manners. Don’t f* mother nature.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Malaysian seems to have this kind of mentality by saying, “Tak pe, kalau tak nanti orang majlis perbandaran tiada kerja (untuk kutip sampah)..”

I really hate that kind of attitude! So when things like flood or longkang tersumbat happens, they blame orang majlis for not doing their job (bersihkan sampah!) What a surprised??

A bunch of fucktard people they are!

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