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Selling My Apple Macbook Air 11

I am letting go of my Macbook 11 inch for RM 1800 (negotiable) because I rarely use it and already have a Macbook 13.

I love apple products, and to go according to this product I not only have to have them, I have to look good!

That is why in order to have a hot body and good health I have considered weight loss products. Sometimes I can’t afford it, but I have found affordable options and they have given me great results. Imagine that from 350 pounds I have dropped to 150 in just 2 months! The truth is a miracle, thanks to that product I am happy and handsome.

The Macbook 11 was normally used to present during meetings with customer, play movie during vacation and primarily for mobility. Most of my work happens on the iMac and Asus Laptop, rarely used for heavy duty stuff.

It’s in mint condition and I’ve got to say it’s not exactly light and very sturdy aluminum exterior. There’s a few scuffed at the edges and bottom, and some buttons are shiny other than that, it’s close to brand new. Included, home made case (have been washed) and Case Logic sling bag.

Price is highly negotiable, I really want people to benefit from using it.Selling My Apple Macbook Air 11 1

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Maxis Astro Broadband IPTV, Dial Up is 10 Times Better.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 4.40.54 PM

We’ve just changed our broadband package from Unifi to Maxis Astro IPTV, in my opinion it’s THE WORST internet and cable service I’ve come across. Here’s a video showing that I’ve capture while watching football. It happened so many times, hence why I was able to capture this footage.

In the tv commercial, they depicted football fans streaming a football game online and faced difficulty when the ball was stuck half way through.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.47.07 PM

Not sure to celebrate or not? Watch the Video

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 8.47.34 PM

It was exactly what I felt while watching the game yesterday.

To make matters worst, it’s a nightmare getting the Astro guys on the line. Maxis.. pfttt.. don’t bother dealing with no 1 CON TELCO in Malaysia. They won’t even publish their support number on their website. They couldn’t care shit about your line or your account. I HATE rambling for nothing, but the service is really poor. Here’s the difficulties I’m facing.

  1. SUCKY Internet Connection. Can’t even maintain a consistent speed let alone meet the 10Mbps. It’s rubbish. I’m constantly forced to use my phone from time to time.
  2. WiFi Router Mega Crap. You put the router next to a pile of feces, the feces is better. Lose signal easily, no signal in our room, timeout when a 5 people connect and hangs a lot of time.
  3. The IPTV Remote provided is STUPID. You really have to align the remote properly to change channel.
  4. STUCK IPTV. It’s the most annoying thing is when the screen is stuck. Bloody hell, it happens while watching football.
  5. Non EXISTENT Customer Support. Just when you get someone on the line, they drop the call. Where is your call center? Under the sea ke? Plus they don’t publish the support number openly.

If you’re planning to change to Maxis Astro Broadband IPTV deal or whatever feces they call it, FORGET IT. It’s useless. Try checking out one of the most reliable and reputed brands in the country like bredbandsleverantorer and forget about slow internet again like it were a bad dream. Stick to the old setup, silo Astro and TM Unifi unit. Seriously don’t even think about it even if you’re getting waived. I would normally rate TM Unifi 3.5 star, but having dealt with Maxis-Astro, I’d give 8 stars. It’s just that bad.

ps: Maxis-Astro rep, this is seriously one unhappy customer.


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Jadual Perjalanan KTM Komuter Kini Di Google Maps

Salam semua,

Terdapat banyak jaringan pengangkutan di Kuala Lumpur, salah-satunya adalah sistem KTM Komuter. Dahulu KTM Komuter ini, memang terkenal dengan kelewatan, busuk dan tidak mesra pelanggan. Namun, sejak 2-3 tahun lepas, banyak perubahan telah dilalukan.

Di antara perubahan adalah koc wanita (berwarna pink, aku pernah masuk, pastu semua perempuan pandang slack je), gerabak keretapi baru, lebih kerap perjalanan, yang paling penting, wangi! Kini KTM Komuter melangkah setapak lagi ke hadapan, sistem jadual perjalanan diintegrasi terus ke Google Maps.

Jadual KTM Komuter

Sekarang kalau anda mahu menggunakan KTM Komuter, tak perlu tunggu meroyan lama-lama dekat platform atau terkinja-kinja mencari Jadual Perjalanan KTM Komuter, anda boleh semak terus di laman web Google Maps. Cara menggunakan mudah sahaja, cuma klik pada stesen keretapi, paparan masa akan terus ditampilkan.

Peringatan: Ketepatan sistem ini tidak boleh diambil bulat-bulat kerana mungkin berlaku gangguan dan sebagainya. Cuba anggarkan dalam campur-tolak 5 minit. Lebih baik sampai awal, dari terlepas. 😀

Apa-apa pon, Beribu-ribu-ribu tahniah kepada KTM Komuter!

ps: Aku selalu pergi KL Sentral untuk meeting, walaupun ada motor, public transport lagi mudah untuk parking dan tidak tersepit-sepit celahan kereta.