SP: Make That Call Before It’s Too Late

Lately, I’ve been watching Korean movies before I tucked myself in the sheets. Most of their movies are filled with sad and sappy scenes, but most of the time, they are funny. Sometimes it just revolves around unnecessary conflicts .

Had the actor/actress made that call, it would definitely end the movie soon.

But in real life, we thrive for drama be it in the office or home. As silly as it gets, voices are raised, respects are thrown aside and profanity words spewing out each others mouth. That’s just down right immature. We’re adults, talk like one.

Similar to Celcom XPAX latest advertisement campaign, there was way too much drama. If she picked up the phone, everything would’ve been alright but that wouldn’t teach anything right? Anyway, the boy was finally proven innocent after series of over-reacting girl (I think she’s on PMS).

You can watch the ads again from Celcom Official Page.

Make that call, and save what ever you can save.


SP: Make That Call Day 31 March

I just got off the phone with my wife, thankfully she is doing well over there. She was asking me whether it’s a good idea to come back during winter or not. It’s cold, grey and slippery. Not really pleasant I assure you. It’s also been a while she updated her blog.

Anyway, a few weeks back I wrote about The Crying Girl, it went on air a few days after that post. This is sort of like a continuity advertisement by Celcom. Short clips were revealed bit by bit, teasing viewers to the edge of the seat.

Question: What made the girl upset?

Celcom badged the 31st of March as Make That Call Day! A day where you call your family, closes friends, peers, long lost childhood friend and office mates, rekindling the long lost spirit and it may change your course of life. Don’t be like the couple in the short clips, a simple call would’ve solved everything. After all, what is a minute worth?

ps: This is an advertorial.


SP: The Crying Girl

So it turns out it’s all simple misunderstanding. Pick up the phone and iron out the crooked facts.

I just don’t understanding this, why would the girl throw away everything? He missed an anniversary or a date? He did try to call right? Just pick up the phone and listen to what he has to say. This is a great reminder that simple things can really be complicated if left hanging.

Oh well.

ps: Been really busy!