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I am unhappy with my body now. I feel so bloated. I look like Hulk forcing into a slim fit work shirt. I have problems moving in my working pants.

I’ve evaded my diet. I keep telling myself, “it’s ok to reward”. It’s a sign of progress. Unfortunately, it does more harm than good. I’ve been hoarding calories that I don’t need. So much so, I look like a pumpkin.

Being in the line of work I’m in certainly doesn’t help. All I do all day is process information. Only think, no action. This somehow leads to my physical inactivity. To make matters worst, I usually ask my wife to fetch my stuff. It has cascaded to being this lazy. This has to end.

Until this belly turns 60-ish kilos, I can’t rest.

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3 Biggest Tips of Using Electric Shaver

This is the 3rd post of the 5 review of the Aqua Touch. I’ve been tasked to do this with 9 other awesome bloggers.

3 Biggest Tips of Using Electric Shaver 1

There are many tools used to shape facial hair and before you can read any further take a look at the guide to the best beard trimmer in 2019. The common tools I use is the normal razor blade, small scissor, small comb and electric shaver. However, for the sake of travelling light, I decided to dump others except the Phillips AT940. You can visit Instash and compare the various shavers out there in the market and choose one as per your requirement.

My facial hair style is the goatee. No moustache. Short side burn.

There are 3 tips that I feel is worth sharing.

  • #1 – Use a Comb to Help Trim

I love an electric shaver that comes with a trimmer. It’s a nifty tool that is a lot safer than scissors. There was a couple of incidents where I literally cut my flesh out. Since then I used a trimmer.

3 Biggest Tips of Using Electric Shaver 2

My way of limiting my trim is using a comb. I comb my beard downwards, making sure it’s uniformed, then comb upwards and trim the excessive ones. This ensures my trim is perfectly balanced. The key here is patience. Start small bit by bit.

  • #2 – Up and Downwards Motion

3 Biggest Tips of Using Electric Shaver 3

The manual said “for optimal cut, use circular motion”. I beg to differ. Having 3 circular blades, the ideal pattern to cut hair easily is up and downwards motion which cross intersects blades seamlessly. This also minimize shaving mistakes, especially when doing circular motion. I also use mild soap to maneuver my facial terrain.

  • #3 – Charge when Almost Empty

Like any other rechargable batteries, lithium ion in mobile phones, cameras and other devices, it is advisable to charge when the battery is almost empty. This prolongs the battery life and current capacity. The Philips AT 940 promises 60 minutes of juice but I’m going to risk it. In the country I’m in now, it’s using different plug than ours and I’m not a big fan of lugging chargers around. Let’s just hope it’s still usable for my month trip here.

But in most cases when I’m outstation, I don’t think I need to carry the charger with me. Sixty minutes is indeed very long!

If you feel that I’ve done a good job, vote for me 😉

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Slim Fit vs Regular Fit

I am in the market for a suit somehow I couldn’t buy one as easy as that. Getting a custom suit would cost RM700. It doesn’t make sense because I only use it like 1-2 times a year. I don’t want it to go to waste.

I went to H&M, I must admit the price is a lot cheaper than G2000, Seed, Padini etc by almost 50%. Somehow, I couldn’t find the right size for the pants. Slim fit will make my ass look like Ivanovic or Hazard, round and full. The thigh area is also tight, I can’t even sit in it.

Slim Fit vs Regular Fit 4

Being a Meso, slim fit is definitely not my cutting, though it does help to make me look thinner. I wouldn’t want to lose weight just to fit in my suit.

What ever it is, I better make a decision, at least before my flight to Australia.