Can I Have a Phone?..

It’s MCO, the school is closed and it sucks. But we deal with it anyway, because we have no option.

Sara is at that age where she asks for a phone. She needed the phone because the school has been giving AR all or Sara’s homework through WhatsApp. Yeah, lazy.

Do you know how unenthusiastic the teachers are?

“Buka muka surat, 29. Jawab semua”.

When I read it, I feel bummed. Are the teachers sitting on their asses? Are they not concerned about nation-building? Are they so lost for directions that they have to follow ‘orders’ from the top? When are they going to pull their head out of their asses?

We’ll save this later.

There’s Google Classroom. It’s free. If you can manage a Facebook profile, IG, then GC is no different. The question is, are you willing to change? – I guess not.

Sara got her phone, my old Mi A1. It’s a 4-year-old phone. Good enough to chat with friends, play ‘among us’ and ‘Roblox’. We’re on Google Family. I get to control her time on the phone.

ps: Now Sara is in the family group. I feel old.

Amira Parenting Sara

No Internet Day, How Kids Reacted

Every morning when the kids got up, they’d want to watch cartoons on the TV. Either from Youtube – Steve and Maggie, Ryan Toys Review or Princess Nela. Unfortunately the internet was down for today, because we forgot to make payment.

As alternative, I suggested to them to watch something from what we’ve downloaded.

“Kids, what do you want to watch?”

Sara – Ferdinand!

Amira – Coco!

Ferdinand! Coco! Ferdinand! Coco!.. They were bickering what to watch.

“How about we watch Frozen?”

“Ok abah”, the two girls replied.

TV is really not the best option to allow kids to watch unsupervised. But in my experience, it’s much better than giving them mobile device.


The Poopy Story

It was her usual time of the hour. As her bowel lined up to the stars, she took a poop.

This normally happened around 830 pm, so we were ready. We wanted to potty train at such an early age so we can reduce the amount of diapers used daily. *cough cheapskate*

When she’s done with her business, she’d run to us and tell us, “mama, Sara yak ke?”. The tone was a question, just like we’d normally ask her, but I can assure you that’s a statement. She always messes up the tone, but it doesn’t matter, we’ll fix that later.

After dinner, we (Aisyah and me) took our time to share about each others day and talk about smoked duck (it cant be help, she’s craving for it). We heard Sara defecating at the corner of the room. It’s ok, we’ll clean her up once we’re done with the dishes. Sara yelled from the living room, “Mama, Sara yak ke?”.

Running across the hall with only her tshirt on. OMG. She took her pants and diaper off! Her stool was everywhere on her ‘cheeks’. Luckily there were no bricks nor skid marks on the floor. I quickly grabbed her and ran upstairs.

Giggling while I rushed her to the loo, in her tiny little voice, she said. “Abah, tima kaceh.”

I took my time to respond, knowing that the moment will end and she’ll outgrow time faster than my beard. One day, I’ll be an old man and she might be cleaning up after me. We do not need to be thanked, but it always nice to feel appreciated.

I whispered to her, “You’re welcome, always.”