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I almost forgot about this blog!

Boy I miss writing about things that doesnt matter at all.

Well, time has progressed, kids are getting bigger, they need more attention, business is getting more serious, microblogging (IG FB) is where I hang out most. (and I still dont understand twitter).

I hope this blog stay alive. Or at least give me some time to pen things down.

Personal & Geeky

Kinda Awesome When Someone Knows You

It’s kinda awesome when someone recognizes you. It’s flattering but borderline creepy.

Kinda Awesome When Someone Knows You 1

Because they know you, but hardly have any clue who are they.

I just hope I don’t leave a bad impression if I ever met any of you in person.

ps: I don’t know how celebrities deal with this.


Personal & Geeky

Slowly Not Updating the Blog

There’s very little excuse for me to not update the blog. The gist is, I’ve always use NH as my negativity pool.

You see, when you have two kids, a wife and a business, shitty things happen on daily basis. As much as possible I want to be in the positive side. NH is definitely not that outlet. But having said that, I don’t want to delete all my posts (it’s my life’s work).

One day, I’d come back and reread the blog. I know how much I grew. But until then, don’t really expect much from this blog.

You can also check out my vlogs at Youtube : Let’s Go Ed

And my instagram account: NoktahHitam

ps: I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve met over the years through this blog. It has been really helpful.
pps: Maybe I can slowly erase the negativity by updating more positive posts? Hahaha