Yuna – Deeper Conversation Cover & Chords

Yuna Budak Jawa

I meant to dedicate this to someone. On second thought, I don’t think so. I shouldn’t be spreading butterflies on an emo blog. So, hear me roar!

Deeper Conversation

Listen to the original version in this entry.


You Belong to Me

The following conversation took place circa 2003.

The One: Why don’t you learn that song by Jason Wade?
NoktahHitam: What do I get in return?
The One: I’ll love you till the end of life.

Unfortunately that never happened.


The Magical Yuna Story

Spare with me 5 minutes of your life. Play the song below and close your eyes.

Yuna – Deeper Conversation

That’s Yuna with Deeper Conversation. Never in my life I get goosebumps when I hit Play. Most artist takes days to fully assimilate with my ear drums. She only took 3 minutes!

I know I missed the bus to her concert, but hey, better late than never.