Grandma Mary – Pure AWESOMENESS

She needs no further introduction. Watch the video below and you know what I mean.

This is probably the coolest grandma on Youtube. I know, I subscribed her the minute @bongkersz RT her 😉

Grandma Mary Ho is 73 years old. She picked up her first acoustic guitar when she was 60. And this granny isn’t far from us, she’s from Singapore! Like me any guitar maniacs, she idolizes Carlos Santana!

So you see, you can achieve almost anything if you channel your passion correctly. Rock on Grandma!


Ku Katakan Dengan Indah [Cover]

I first heard the Yuna Version and felt like I could carry this song. So here’s a syok sendiri cover.

So seriously, there’s no need for you to comment. The guitar tab.

My favorite part of the song is

Membuatku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi
Membuatku merasakan yang telah terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa kuakhiri

Have a great day everyone.

ps: Going back to sleep 🙂


When The World Comes Down

Once an emo, always and emo. –Mae

The All American Rejects
I’m a big fan of The All American Rejects. Catchy and lyrically emo, much like my fondness towards Dashboard Confessional. They released a new album last year, but I only managed to grab the CD (mind you, original ok!) a few days ago and I’ve been playing it ever since.

Slight twist in the new album, they sound mature. Current favorite, Back To Me.

Can’t you see I beg and plead,
Cause when your eyes light up the skies at night,
I know you’re gonna find your way back to me.

Seriously, an ear candy 😎

You can Google “When the World Comes Down +Rapidshare” for download . Buy the album if you like it!

(I have tonnes to whine about, unfortunately for you, I have someone who’d lend an ear now 😮 or you can read my other blog.)

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