It was a hot Sunday.

NH: So where are we heading?
AR: You’ll see when we get there.
NH: Ah.. so this is Tasik Shah Alam. This is my first time here.
AR: Ok, catch me if you can.

Then she ran off like being chased by dogs. She’s quick, but I won’t let this man’s ego go down the drain. Afterall, sprinting is my forte. I caught up to her, although I have to reassure you, she’s no ordinary runner. Gotcha! as I tapped her shoulder.

The cycle went on for 2-3 more times around the lake.

NH: Ok, I’m out of breath and sweaty, I won’t be chasing you anymore.
AR: Come on old man, you can do this!

Again, it was the ego sentiment she toyed around. There she goes, running off leaving quite a gap between us. One quick breathe, I chased her with all my might.


She shouted at the top of her lungs, asking for help while I was closely chasing her from behind. Everyone looked at me as if I was a molester or a flasher. I have to admit, I was pretty scared of getting beaten up by strangers. Eventually she stopped fearing for my safety.

She burst into laughter as I was still dumbfounded by the whole incident.

Alone in my room, thinking about what happened, I couldn’t help but grinning ear to ear. She’s witty and playful, reminds myself of how I used to be. But I’ll make sure someday, she’ll gets her dose of medicine. *Scheming up to something*

ps: Oh yeah, after 4 years, I’ve finally found someone who compliments me in every way 🙂

Girls Jokes

That Red Cherry Lip Balm

I always carry with me a red-cherry flavored lip balm no matter where I go. I’m not exactly vain, but I like my lips wet and I hate licking them (it could send the wrong type of signal).

That Red Cherry Lip Balm 1

As I was strolling along my new work place (dashing from floor to floor meeting people), I couldn’t help but play with my balm. Open cap, close cap. The cycle repeats infinitely.

Edwin, you pakai lipbalm?” a hot babe asked. I smirked. It’s the new age, everyone wants to look good. And no exception to me, plus, I’ve always been the sales oriented type of person. So looking good is a plus point.

Pelik tengok lelaki pakai, I pon tak pakai.” she added.

You nak sikit?” I replied.

She blushed and pretended we never had the conversation.

ps: Be careful when striking a conversation, it might hit you back.

Featured Girls Serious Matters

Pemandu Perasan Gile

Pemandu Perasan Gile 2

There I was, doing 90kmh taking my sweet time over taking cars on the fastest lane. Until I saw an Orange MyVi, I slowed down. There were 2 girls inside the car and I’m not sure they’re hot or not. It was dark and obviously I had to focus on driving.

The driver’s door wasn’t properly shut, so I honked them, worrying of their safety.

I honked again. Raising my hand, trying to get some attention. She looked at me and pretended she didn’t see me.

The third time I honked, she raised her hand as if refusing to communicate. WTF?

Eventhough I am driving a souped-up Gen2 with nasty looks and peeled paints, doesn’t mean I’m trying to get girls on the road! What more while driving! Obviously I know a better technique to get a girl’s number. Shessh. Perasan gile ok!

Down-shifted and sped back to chase the traffic.

It left me puzzled for minute there. Here I am, concerned about their safety while they tried hard to refuse my good-will gesture.

It’ll probably be too late to tell her, “I told you so”, when she’s thrown out of her car.

ps: I can imagine her telling her friends, someone is trying to woo her on the road. Ko igt ko abes comel la?

pss: That’s not my car, in case you’re wondering. Bad ass pipping exhaust, good design but fail air flow.