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Happy Birthday

[audio:eyes_on _me.mp3]

Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard

It goes without saying, you gain some, you lose some.

Wherever you are, what ever you do, Happy Birthday.

Faye Wong – Eyes on Me. Original singer, Angela Aki. Get Mp3. YouTube.

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Loser’s Guide to Hooking Up


Eddie, how do you hook up?

I’ve been asked this question so many times. I just have to write about it. 10 points to help a LOSER.

Is it easy? NO. The first thing you need is guts (but the right kind). Everybody fears the word “rejection”. Take me as an example, 3 out of 10 girls I randomly encounter will converse with me. When the conversation starts, I would know her worthiness (depth of knowledge etc.). When the conversation peaks, I would tell them I have other things to do and ask them is it possible to continue this conversation some other time. If she’s into it, she will pull out her mobile and ask for my number. I’d tell her to miss call me and leave the scene. It looks easy, no?

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Legally Blonde – Malaysian Style

Delicious Indeed

[audio:03.mp3] something I listen to.

I have left the dating scene for quite a while until few months ago, I start dating at random. (Lets not forget, I want to marry a doctor.) Among these people, I came across what we call it, blonde. So here’s a few line that made my day (the very least) 😉

girl: what do you mean by WTF?
eddie: it means what the f*ck.
girl: I thought you wanted to sleep with me (as in WANT to f*ck)
eddie: WTF?

girl: my dad bought a new auto-mobile.
eddie: what is it?
girl: it’s called HP.
eddie: that’s a mobile, mobile phone.
girl: ohh.. my dad told me it’s a mobile, I simply added ‘auto’ to make it sound good.