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Mean Comments on Youtube

Right. The video above gave me a total hit of 200k in 3 weeks.

When the girls pitched the idea to me, I didn’t really think it was a good idea. Afterall, I didn’t really like how DSV flaunts her wealth.

1 hour video shoot, and 1 hour editing. It was ready. I shoot to the net.

Within the first two weeks, the hits was mere 1k views. I never thought it would get further than that until DSV launched her own version on Youtube. The rest was history.

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The T-Shirt

I glanced through my wardrobe, I pulled out a t-shirt. It was red, dark in color only sparks of you I can remember. The t-shirt that she left me with, along with pieces of undying memories.

Not like I don’t have anything else to wear, but it was already unfolded. I don’t think I’d want to spend another minute folding it. I snugged in, it feels nice, fits my back perfectly, like the way it used to.

As I lay in bed, I start to wonder what happened between us. Why was there too much hatred born from love? My thoughts unwind. Thinking about the time that passed by. I can still feel my toes, and I am no where near slumberland.

I leaned on my right, tucking my pillow securely under my arms.

It’s just a red dark collar t-shirt, what’s the fuss? But I am still touched, to think that it was actually given on my birthday, 7 years ago.

Happy Birthday Edwin.

ps: what are the odds of finding the gift that was stored away for 5 years on my birthday?

pss: I guessed I’m sentimental after all.

psss: No, I’m not hinting for a gift

Girls Personal & Geeky


It was Friday night out with the guys and some brought along their better halves, I was no exception. She sits and talks intently, while I remained focus on the road.

Redial 1

“You better call P, we need to know where they are..”, I asked her to do the chore using my phone. If you’re attending a surprise birthday party, you should tippy toe your way in and be cautious not to let the birthday boy spot you.

“P, where are you?”, she asked him.

“I’m at bla bla…”  tooot …  the phone call dropped as we dove into the tunnel.

In the mixed dark and neon lights, she asked, “how do I redial?”

“That’s easy, just say RE-DIAL”. I instructed her.

“RE-DIAL!” she said it loud and clear.

I could no longer hold my breathe, I burst into laughter. I laughed so hard that I actually cried, trying to hard to hold my tummy together. I forgot how she reacted, but I do remember her full-of-shame-face. Poor girl. ily 🙂

ps: We prank each other a lot 😉